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Manufactured: 2005 - present
Colours: Black

BeoLink PC2 has now been upgraded and renamed BeoPort. Add BeoPort to your audio system and you will receive the full enjoyment of digital music and Internet radio station sources at home. BeoPort makes access to digital music easy on BeoSound 9000, BeoSound 3000, BeoSound 3200, BeoCenter 1 or BeoCenter 2.

Use BeoPort on a PC or AppleMac computer for listening experiences in your living room or with BeoLink throughout your home. In addition to digital music, Internet radio opens up more than 3,000 radio stations available online in many languages for news, sports, music and much more.

With BeoPort installed, you can listen to all digitally stored music in your living room or, using BeoLink, anywhere else in your home. BeoPort means you can sit at your computer and access all other sources in your BeoLink system, such as radio, CD, TV, Satellite, DVD, and Video directly from the computer screen.

Use BeoPort on a PC or Apple computer, and to remote-control your Internet music with Beo4, simply add a Bang & Olufsen Link eye. The BeoPlayer software lets you design your own play lists and allows the management of all stored music on a PC.

BeoPort Product Specifications

Please feel free to send us any Technical Specifications you feel relevant!

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Created: 12th February 2007
Modified: 13th February 2007

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