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Manufactured: 1985 - 1995
Designer: David Lewis

The early Beolink® MCL systems - Breaking down the barriers to total entertainment

MCL 2P (Power Amplifier)

The MCL 2P is a high quality stereo power amplifier designed primarily for use with the MCL 2AV when local source capability and independent volume control of passive loudspeakers was desired. However it can be used with any Bang & Olufsen product which contains Power Link output sockets.

MCL 2P was essentially an accessory for the MCL 2AV. The component was required when passive loudspeakers were used in a local room where independent volume control and local source capability was desired.

The unit was a pure amplifier and gave the option of individual volume control in one or more rooms connected by Beolink®. Replaced in 1995 by the Beolink® ML/MCL Converter.

In local rooms where a second TV set was installed (non-active speakers), the amplifier of the television set could be used instead of MCL 2P.


30 watts/channel RMS power

auto turn-on/turn off. It turned on and off with the product to which it is connected

Automatic Power Handling Control which automatically turned down the volume when the amplifier was overloaded

15 volt DC socket for supplying power to the MCL 2AV

Accessories: MCL 2P was supplied with a 2,5m Power Link Cable and a 2,5m DC cable for connection to the MCL 2AV. Mounting hardware for attachment to the wall was also included. Power Link cables and DC cables may be extended when the MCL 2AV and MCL 2P are separated.

MCL2P Product Specifications

Long-term mac. output power IEC 2 x 60 watts / 8 ohms
Total harmonic distortion IHF < 0.1 % at 25 watts 20 - 20,000 Hz
Frequency response 20 - 30,000 Hz +0/-0.5 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio:
A-weighted 1W > 80 dB
Input sensitivity / impedance 1 V / 2.2 kohms
Stand by function Automatic ON-OFF

Power supply
1741: 220V
1742: 240V
1743: 120V
1745: 240V (AUS)
Power consumption Max. 130 watts
Stand by 3 watts
Dimensions 30 x 15 x 8 cm
Weight 6 kg

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Created: 11th February 2007
Modified: 14th February 2007

Author Notes:

The other role for the MCL2P was as an amplifier for the Beocenter 2300/2500 should these be used with a MCL system. The original 2300/2500 were fitted with MCL rather than ML but had no power amplifier so required one to power a MCL link system.

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