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Manufactured: 1995 - present
Designer: David Lewis

The early Beolink® MCL systems - Breaking down the barriers to total entertainment

Bang & Olufsen was the first company to develop the revolutionary idea of expanding the pleasure of TV, video and hi-fi system throughout the whole house. There were different Beolink® system for the different ways in which you wanted to control your music and video sources around the house. By 1988 the following kits were available for you to either do-it-yourself else else a dealer would come out to set it up for you:


Standing for Master Control Link, this system allowed for the main music and video system to be linked up with other rooms. Using the Beolink 1000 remote control, you could, for example, sit in the study and operate both sound and pictures from the main system in the living room. MCL2A formed part of the X-tra Speakers kit.


This was the replacement for the MCL 2A. MCL2ABLI (the 'BLI' stood for 'Beolink®') was designed for basic Master Control Link systems where the customer desired distribution and control of audio sources only.

As far as dimensions of the components and operation were concerned MCL 2A and MCL 2ABLI were identical and interchangeable. However, MCL 2ABLI transceiver included the following features: battery backup of the timer programming mode and option programming of the transceiver.

The MCL 2ABLI transferred speaker level signals from Speaker 2 of a main room audio system to speakers in the local room where MCL had been installed. A speaker mute relay in the MCL relay box was controlled by the microcomputer in the transceiver. This ensured that the speakers in the local room were activated only when the MUTE button on the transceiver was pressed or when a remote control activated the main system from the local room. The speaker relay reset to the "mute" position whenever the main room system was switched off.

The connecting cable between the transceiver and the relay box was by way of a 3mm thick cable (5m long) which was hard-wired into the transceiver. The other end of the cable had bare wire ends for connection to a terminal strip inside the relay box.

MCL2A Product Specifications

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