MCL X-TRA Active Speaker Kit

Manufactured: 1998 - present
Designer: David Lewis

This kit allowed to connecting of Beolab active loudspeakers to a MCL system.

The principle was that the amplifies signal was reduced to variable line level and this line level was then able to be controlled locally allowing a degree of control of the sound settings. Bass, treble, loudness and balance were variable though the volume level could only be altered within certain parameters depending on the volume the main room was set at. There was however a 12 dB variance allowed, which was usually enough so that most users never realised this supposed limitation.

The kit comprised a MCL2AV unit and a MCL transceiver. This allowed for the addition of local sources such as a tape player or CD player. This meant that one could have different music playing in the link room if so desired. It was also possible to attach a Beovision and if this was done, the MCL2AV used the transceiver in the Beovision so the eye was not necessary. One could buy a variant of the set called X-TRA TV which was the same set but with no supplied eye. Latterly the two sets were simply sold as the same set so one received an unnecessary transceiver.

MCL X-TRA Active Speaker Kit Product Specifications

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Created: 11th February 2007
Modified: 18th February 2007

Author Notes:

For a brief period, a second type of transceiver was used. This resembled the later IR receiver seen in Masterlink in that it looked like a silver disc with buttons on it. It could however also serve as a charging point for the Beolink 7000, though it did have a small drawback in that when charging the Beolink, the IR transceiver was covered and could not be used.

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