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Manufactured: 2006 - present
Colours: Black, Silver

The great computer escape

BeoMedia 1 lets you enjoy your digital media – photos, music, internet radio – with friends and family without having to put a computer in your living room.

While the hardware inside – hard disk, processor etc. – belongs to the world of the personal computer, you will only experience it as a natural extension of your home entertainment system. The couch, not the desk chair, is where you music and family photos should be enjoyed from.

With BeoMedia 1, you get the best of both worlds. Use the functionality of your existing ´real´ computer for what it does best: importing and sorting content for your BeoMedia 1. Then turn the computer off. Your pictures and music are now available anytime from BeoMedia 1 at the click of a button on your Beo4 remote control. Your flat-screen BeoVision television switches on instantly and the elegant BeoPlayer interface is easy to navigate using just the remote.

Do justice to your photos

– and the people who watch them

To get the most out of the photos from your hot-air balloon safari or fabulous wedding, make sure you have everyone seated comfortably in the living room where the images can be admired in splendid BeoVision quality. Nobody´s idea of a good time with friends and family involves crowding together around a laptop computer screen to view holiday snaps. All it takes is to copy your photos from the office computer to your BeoMedia 1 beforehand, a process which takes maybe a minute.

And remember that when you copy content to BeoMedia 1, you are automatically creating backup copies in case your main computer breaks down. The capacity for storing digital photos on BeoMedia 1 corresponds to a staggering 300 paper photo albums, so there is plenty of space for music files too.

Do away with piles of CDs

For everyday listening, storing your music in the form of high-quality compressed files on BeoMedia 1 is the most convenient, flexible and space-saving solution. Gone are the days when the chaos of CDs, LPs and cassettes would clutter up people´s otherwise beautiful homes. Now you can listen to any song at any time from anywhere in the house using BeoLink. You no longer need to change CDs on a player somewhere – just use your Beo4 remote control.

Visit the web from your favourite armchair

Expand the usefulness of your Bang & Olufsen TV or music system with easy access to internet media. BeoMedia 1 gives you thousands of high quality radio channels from all over the world – from established national broadcasters to dedicated specialists. Most stations broadcast in very high audio quality.

Want to quickly check web sites with weather forecasts, TV listings, stock pages or other content while watching TV? BeoMedia 1 promptly retrieves web pages that have been stored as favourites. The navigation is adapted to your Beo4 remote control, so no keyboard is necessary (although it is possible to connect one).

Looks amazing on your large screen Plasma or LCD!!

Beomedia 1 Product Specifications

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Created: 10th February 2007
Modified: 12th February 2007

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