BeoSound 2 Portable Mp3 Player

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Manufactured: 2002 - present
Designer: David Lewis
Colours: Silver

"People who consider the world their home shouldn't be restricted from true Bang & Olufsen solutions.

With Bang & Olufsen earphones and the new BeoSound 2, it's easier than ever to bring music with you. BeoSound 2 is our version of a light and pocket-friendly digital music player that allows you to enjoy hours of your favourite music when you're on the move - without compromising on quality" B&O Catalogue 2001 - 2002

With BeoSound 2 you can download up to four 5 compact discs' worth of music (depending on bitrate) and listen to it wherever you are, thus freeing up the hard drive of your home computer. It has a form and size that sits easily in the hand and in the pocket - and with no internal moving parts you never have to worry about knocks and vibrations ruining the musical experience.

The unit is made to be moved and built to last. Manufactured in hard-wearing stainless steel and firm rubber, it has been designed to withstand all the knocks that portability can throw its way. The keypad can be locked when on the move and with no internal moving parts, jogs and bumps will never interrupt the playing of the recorded music.

BeoSound 2 has been designed for transferring Internet-downloaded MP3s or music tracks that you have created yourself, into its solid-state memory for later playback through the supplied pair of A8 Earphones. Its built-in battery gives the user between 2 and 4 hours' worth of uninterrupted use; the batteries should last for around 8 hours before they need recharging by placing BeoSound 2 into its specially-designed docking station. This special station provides the connection to a computer and acts as a convenient power charger for the player. Its 128 MB SmartMedia memory card (which may be expandable to 256MB) allows you to download up to 4 albums' worth of music; the card itself may be reused as many times as you like. BeoSound 2 also plays back AAC and WMA-compatible files.

With simple and straightforward Bang & Olufsen operation, you can step easily from track to track and between different play lists. However, there is no display on the unit. Bang & Olufsen has made BeoSound 2 so simple to operate that you don't need to look at it while in use. The intuitive layout of the keypad ensures that everything can be carried out with a thumb.

You can adjust the volume, step up or down through tracks or switch between different play lists - without ever having to take BeoSound 2 out of your pocket. And to make operation even easier, its one-touch control has been combined with a series of sounds that guide the user through each operation. In the same way, a light indicator on the docking station gives you the current status on the different functions including battery recharging.

Did you know?

If you upgrade the firmware on your BeoSound 2 and it locks itself 'out', then reset your apparatus by pressing "Vol Up" & "Vol Down" together and at the same time pressing "GO" for 2 seconds.

BeoSound 2 is created to be used together with BeoPlayer and Beolink® PC2, but will also function with Windows Media Player. However there is no point having a product that will last for years if its software is outdated in a matter of months. That's why Bang & Olufsen has ensured that future software updates may be downloaded via the official BeoPlayer Web site. In March 2006 BeoSound 2 had an updated software version: 2.5, which allows for easier downloading to its SD card and also allows the use of a 2 GB card.

As from late 2002 BeoSound 2 may also be used by Mac users.

BeoSound Press Release - June 2002

Music on the move from Bang & Olufsen - Portable BeoSound 2 always on hand

Bang & Olufsen takes another step into the digital music world with the introduction of BeoSound 2, a pocket-friendly digital music player. As with the successful Beolink® PC 2 concept, BeoSound 2 draws upon the computer as a source for musical entertainment and allows you to enjoy your MP3 files in a myriad of environments.

Navigation at your fingertips

Fitting comfortably into the palm of your hand, you navigate simply between tracks or adjust the volume in your accompanying Bang & Olufsen earphones without ever needing to glance down. Utilising a minimum of buttons, BeoSound 2 provides you with both audible and tangible feedback during operation.

The smooth stainless steel cabinet and absence of sharp edges allow BeoSound 2 to slip comfortably into your pocket - and prevent it from disturbing you when you're on the move.

"Digital music has proven itself to be an important player in today's world of musical entertainment. BeoSound 2 harnesses the strengths of these file formats and combines them with Bang & Olufsen skills within ease of use, craftsmanship, design and sound quality. Whilst physically small, the BeoSound 2 experience is large - where integration with additional Bang & Olufsen products plays an considerable role", says Bang & Olufsen President & CEO Torben Ballegaard Sørensen.

The concept

"BeoSound 2 is a shining example of how Bang & Olufsen puts the user situation ahead of industry hype. We aim to provide simplicity and clarity in the otherwise swirling sea surrounding Internet music, just as we do in the field of home entertainment" continues Sørensen.

Automatic organisation

BeoSound 2's musical experiences take place in close co-operation with BeoPlayer, Bang & Olufsen's Web music organiser, which can be downloaded free of charge to a computer from the Bang & Olufsen Web site.

BeoPlayer automatically sorts all your digital music by artist, genre, song title and album title, as well as allows you to create your own specially composed play lists. Just drag-and-drop your songs from BeoPlayer to BeoSound 2, and you are on your way out the door.


Two-way communication between BeoSound 2 and the computer allows BeoSound 2's software to be updated simply and easily. In this fashion, BeoSound 2 endures as an up-to-date and relevant music player, benefiting from the rapid evolvement of the Internet-based music arena.

Additionally, the stainless steel cabinet takes on an appealing patina the more it is used, gaining character from sharing the pocket with keys, coins and the like. BeoSound 2's robust construction supports Bang & Olufsen's commitment to quality and ensures a long physical lifetime.

Music included

Six pre-recorded music samples are included on the 128 Mb SD memory card that accompanies BeoSound 2. Approximately four hours of tunes may be contained on this size card, and additional cards may be purchased separately.

Out of the office

Furthermore, your digital music can also be moved about in your home with Bang & Olufsen's Beolink® PC 2, which utilises your computer as a source in a Beolink® system. BeoPlayer again takes care of all file organization, providing you with identical operation whether in the home office, kitchen or on the go.

BeoSound 2 XSD Update (June 2004)

From 14 June 2004 the product specifications of BeoSound 2 will be changed. To allow customers greater freedom in the selection of memory cards, as from 14 June 2004, BeoSound 2 will be delivered without the standard 128 MB SD card. However, three higher capacity cards may be bought from Bang & Olufsen - 128MB, 256MB and 512MB - although BeoWorld recommends that customers shop around for other more economical, equally-compatible SD cards. A8 Earphones come as standard accessories to use with BeoSound 2 XSD.

BeoSound 2 Portable Mp3 Player Product Specifications

Weight 90g
Cabinet finish Polished stainless steel

Flash Memory card Exchangeable MMC/SD, 128-Mbyte - gives 2-4 hours play time depending on type of coding
Music files MP3, WMA

Battery Rechargeable Lithium ion, approx. 8 hours before recharging
On/off Acoustic indication
SW Firmware updates via BeoPlayer
Docking Station: external mains adaptor SMPS - 100-240 V AC
Supported file formats: MP3, WMA

USB for computer connection via docking station
Earphones' mini jack
Mains adaptor: charging battery via docking station

System requirements
One free USB port
10 MB of available disc space
Windows 98,Me,2000 or XP

How much playable music?
When used with a 128MB SD card BeoSound 2 allows you to download and store up to five compact discs for later playback. The SD card may be used as many times as you wish. The built-in battery gives you around 8 - 10 hours of uninterrupted use. Re-charging the battery is simply a matter of clicking BeoSound 2 onto its docking station.

Connecting up
The specially designed docking station provides the connection to your computer and also acts as a convenient power charger for BeoSound 2.

Put it in your pocket
BeoSound 2 has a form and a size that allows it to sit as easily in your pocket as it does in your hand. The keypad can be locked when you are on the move, and with no internal moving parts, you never have to worry about knocks and vibrations interrupting the music.

Made to last
BeoSound 2 is made to be carried around and built to last. Formed in stainless steel and hard rubber, it will withstand all the knocks that may come its way. Future software updates may be downloaded from the BeoPlayer Web site.

Software compatible
BeoSound 2 is created to be used together with BeoPlayer and Beolink® PC2, but will also function with Windows Media Player.

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