BeoSound 3200 CD Tuner with Hard Disk Drive

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Manufactured: 2003 - present
Designer: David Lewis
Colours: Black, Silver

BeoSound 3200: the new music system with a warm welcome and cool intelligence

"BeoSound 3200 lights up in a soft glow of anticipation as soon as you reach out with your hand. Everything is out in the open so that you can see how it works and understand how it reacts"

BeoSound 3200, has a Hard Disk Drive with the capacity to store up to 396 compact discs. The CDs are stored in four groups of 99 and each group can be edited and named, in order to facilitate the easy location of your music. All other main functions are as the existing BeoSound 3000.

" Technology may be the foundation of the experience, but it should never get in the way of the senses. It's the simple understanding that has created the concept behind BeoSound 3200." It integrates a unique CD memory function that can store up to 396 of your favourite CDs in four individual groups. For simple and effective operation, each group is designated a colour that matches both the coloured buttons on the control panel and those on the optional Beo4 remote control you can choose to store an entire CD or just your favourite tracks and each entry can be named for easier recognition. Groups can be arranged according to type or be designated to different members of the family.

While the technology behind BeoSound 3200 is new, it retains a characteristic Bang & Olufsen personal feel. The glass doors slide open at a wave in an invitation to be used . Everything is upright and in the open, functions are clearly displayed and easy to understand. Even the simple act of placing a CD has been made part of the overall enjoyment.

BeoSound 3200 may be placed on a wall, positioned on a shelf or on the floor on a floor stand. When placed on a self or table, the system has a natural 13 degree slant for easier viewing and control. It may be used with any BeoLab loudspeaker enabling a number of impressive setup possibilities. It could be place between a pair of BeoLab 2500 active loudspeakers for example, or on matching stands with BeoLab 4000.


BeoSound 3200 is an audio system embracing CD, radio, CD memory and digital music files via Beolink®. It comes in one colour - aluminium and black - and can be positioned in different ways.


BeoSound 3200 may be positioned on the wall using a discreet (optional) bracket, placed on a shelf or displayed on one of two dedicated floor stands .

BeoSound 3200 Press Release 1 - February 2003

Digital Jukebox

The new BeoSound 3200 sees Bang & Olufsen introduce new technology that allows storage of almost 400 CDs - giving you the chance to create their very own digital jukebox.

Bang & Olufsen is bringing out a new system that allows you to record a CD as it plays. This gives the BeoSound 3200 the capacity to reproduce 'first play' quality of over 4,000 tracks. By creating technology that memorises almost 400 CD compilations, Bang & Olufsen is revolutionising the way we use and store CDs.

Music Selection

The technology is such that you will be able to select the tracks to be recorded, freeing up memory for the favourites only. The system will also allow you to file the CDs into 4 different personalised categories, be it Jazz, Classical, Dance or Hip Hop, allowing you to match the music to the moment at a touch of a button.

Other functions

The signature Bang & Olufsen craftsmanship is naturally seen in the new system. As your hand approaches, the smoked glass doors opens without a touch. The system boasts 60 radio station presets and a facility to function as a Beolink® master, distributing music to any Bang & Olufsen speaker in the house. Furthermore, if you wish to connect the BeoSound 3200 to a PC, the Beolink® PC2 connection facilities allow access to MP3 and WMA music files stored on the PC hard drive.

Active speakers

Choose any of the active loudspeakers from Bang & Olufsen's BeoLab range for an experience that’s as pleasing to the eye as it is to the ear. Tall and elegant, the BeoLab 1 speakers deliver 300 watts of Bang & Olufsen ICE power digital amplifier driven bass. The appealing BeoLab 8000, slim BeoLab 6000 or placement friendly BeoLab 4000 speakers may be utilised as well. The recently redesigned BeoLab 2500 speakers easily allow you to opt for today’s spin on the original design expression.

BeoSound 3200 - Press Release 2 February 2003

A mountain of music - Built in CD memory in BeoSound 3200 allows storage of almost 400 CD

A vast amount of storage space, hidden within Bang & Olufsen’s BeoSound 3200, present a plethora of musical experiences this season. Operation is straightforward and simple, whether storing your own CD or playing one back from the CD memory. Compressed to allow more storage without sacrificing audible quality, a mountain of music is contained in the already sleek lines of this design classic.

"In 1991 Bang & Olufsen broke new ground with the introduction of the Beosystem 2500 concept - the first hi-fi system to stand tall amongst the flat contemporary rack systems of its day. We renew this classic product family with incorporation of a CD memory into its newest member, the BeoSound 3200", states President and CEO Torben Ballegaard Sørensen, who continues,

"We’ll utilise the CD memory to offer our customers new benefits and convenience when enjoying their music collection. All your music, or at least a big part of it, waits for you at the touch of only one button".

Stored simply

Just load a CD, decide in which one of the four possible groups you want to keep it, and press "Copy" on the hands-on operation panel. Storage of the entire CD begins! Don’t like all the tracks on your CD as much as the others? Don’t fret, because BeoSound 3200 gives you the opportunity to copy only the ones you yourself choose. You can always add them later, should your tastes change.

Name that disc

Whilst every one of your CDs contains inaudible information regarding the publisher, artist, batch production number and more, for you, they’re only about the music. Store the names of 200 physical CD’s in addition to the names of the almost 400 CDs already found on the 40 gigabyte hard disk. So sit back and experience "Romance" in the pleasing built-in display, rather than "Disk 1, track 5".

Your music, your groups

Four 99-CD capacity groups are accessed by the coloured keys on the front of BeoSound 4300 or via the Beo4 remote control. Name them yourself, just as you wish: Rock, Pop, Jazz and Classics, or why not Dad, Mum, Brother and Sister? Enjoy music in your groups.

Magical experience through craftsmanship

Your hand approaches, and the smoked glass doors open magically. Wishing you welcome into a world of musical experiences, the door movement is designed to be smooth with a slow start, acceleration and a gentle stop when the door is at its final position. A magical experience provided by combing some infrared light, a bit of gearing, a length of steel wire and Bang & Olufsen ingenuity.

Beolink® master

Advanced CD memory functions are but one element in the entire BeoSound 3200 experience. Found between the high-gloss anodised aluminium clamper lid, the built-in CD-player accommodates both 12 and 8 cm discs. With 60 radio station presets, the AM/FM radio won’t leave your air-borne audio entertainment wishes behind either distributing music to any Bang & Olufsen speakers around the home in wish to connect your BeoSound 3200 to a PC, the Beolink® PC2 connection facilitates access to MP3 and WMA music files stored on your PC hard disk.

Active speakers

Choose any of the active loudspeakers from Bang & Olufsen’s BeoLab range for an experience that’s as pleasing to the eye as it is to the ear. Tall and elegant, the BeoLab 1 speakers deliver 300 watts of Bang & Olufsen ICEPower digital amplifier driven bass. The appealing BeoLab 8000, slim BeoLab 6000 or placement friendly BeoLab 4000 speakers may be utilised as well. The recently redesigned BeoLab 2500 speakers easily allow you to opt for today’s spin on the original design expression

Mounting Options

This classic design was reincarnated over a 21 year period with various mounts and stands. Floor stands were available with a pole stand or CD and tape storage, wall mount solutions allowed for the Hi-Fi only, or with BeoLab2500 speakers until these were discontinued


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BeoSound 3200 CD Tuner with Hard Disk Drive Product Specifications

32 x 36 x 16 cm / 7 kg
Cabinet finish: Black/aluminium

Power consumption: Typical 22 watts/standby < 3 watts
Tuner: Built-in
Pre-tuned radio programmes: 60 FM or AM
Radio ranges: FM-AM
RDS/Naming: Built-in

Compact disc: Built-in
Disc sizes: 12cm, 8cm
Frequency range: 20 - 20,000 Hz, +/- 1 dB
Signal-to-noise-ratio: Typical 101 dB, A-weighted
D/A converting: Bitstream, Analogue filtering


CD Memory:
- Built-in Hard disc drive
- Random
- Naming
- Compact disc grouping. 4 groups
Capacity: Max 99 discs in each group
A/D, D/A converter: Sigma-delta Bitstream
Frequency range: 20 - 20,000 Hz, +/- 1 dB
Signal-noise ratio: > 100dB
Audio processing: Compressed audio
Bitrate: MP3 at 192 KB
Power Link (two)
FM aerial, 75 ohm
AM aerial (Dedicated)
Master Link (ML)

Beolink®: Master Link (ML)

Remote control: Beo4
Wall bracket system: 2087 Black
Wall bracket, center: 2052 Black
Stand 2051: Aluminium, Black, Blue, Green, Red
Floor center stand: 2068 Aluminium

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Created: 2nd February 2007
Modified: 3rd March 2019

Author Notes:

Corrections to pages 18-20 in the BeoSound 3200 Guide - January 2004

Naming CDs in the CD memory:

Make sure that you have given the CD a name as described on page 20 of the manual before copying it to the CD memory. The CD name is then transferred to the CD memory. CDs stored without names in the CD memory cannot be named later.

Copy favourite tracks only:

You must always copy and store an entire CD. You can then delete unwanted tracks from the CD memory as described on page 23 of the manual. CDs cannot be edited before copying.

Locking the doors


When the glass doors are locked it is not possible to open them by moving towards the doors, so when you close the cabinet doors they will not open.

The glass doors can only be locked if your Beosound 3200 is in Standby.

Press SHIFT 9 0 3 6 9 with no more than 2 seconds between the individual numbers being entered.

The display shows “LOCKED”.

To unlock the glass doors press SHIFT 9 0 3 6 9 with no more than 2 seconds.

The display shows “UNLOCKED”.

The function will be saved in NVRAM if you disconnect from mains.

If you are using the Beo4 then you will need to add the SHIFT command to your LIST before doing the above.

Beoworld says: Seemed like a good idea but limited MP3 sound quality, limited space and the fact one had to name all discs and tracks manually reduced this to a dead end in the technology stakes. The BS4 replaced the HDD with SD cards which allowed much more flexibility.

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