BeoSound 3000 CD/Tuner

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Manufactured: 2000 - 2006
Designer: David Lewis
Colours: Black, Silver

" BeoSound 3000: the design may be a Bang & Olufsen classic, but BeoSound 3000 and BeoSound Ouverture refuse to rest on their laurels. Access to new musical sources and fresh loudspeaker options ensure that the concept remains an open invitation to make something special out of your music.

With BeoSound 3000 everything is upright and out in the open so that you can see how it works and understand how it reacts when you press its buttons. Even the simple act of placing a CD has been made part of the overall experience and enjoyment. It combines radio with an advanced CD player, and - as something new - lets you access your digital music files directly from your own PC. As well as offering radio and CD, the BeoSound Ouverture also has an intelligent tape function " (B&O catalogue 2001 - 2002)

Both products can be put together with any BeoLab loudspeaker - which gives you the option of an impressive set up on matching stands with two BeoLab 4000 speakers, or a more compact solution between newly redesigned BeoLab 2500 speakers.

With a design that's undoubtedly becoming a Bang & Olufsen classic, BeoSound 3000 and BeoSound Ouverture are an open invitation to make something special out of your music. BeoSound 3000 is the former Beocenter 2300 (first introduced in 199) but with a whole host of new electronics, features and look including a larger metal CD 'cover' and N.MUSIC. The new styling was released to the UK market in September, 2001.

With BeoSound 3000, everything is upright and out in the open, so that you can see how it works and understand how it reacts when you press its buttons. Even the simple act of placing a CD has been made a part of the overall experience and enjoyment.

It combines radio with an intelligent CD player that can name your favourite 200 discs, store your own preferred track sequences for them or skip unwanted ones permanently. With the latest Beolink® PC2 software application, you can also access your digital music collection directly from the BeoSound 3000.


Bring new life to old CDs by changing their track sequence with the Random Play function. Or program it to skip over any unwanted tracks and to play the ones you want, in the order you prefer. Name your favourite 200 CDs and store your own track preferences for them in the extended memory and the BeoSound 3000 will remember it the next time you play one of the CDs. With the CD function of the BeoSound 3000 you're also able repeat a desired passage of a CD, whether it is within the same track or stretching over a number of tracks.

There's room for up to 60 pre-set stations on the BeoSound 3000's intelligent AM/FM radio. You can also name each individual radio station, to give you a complete overview of your radio listening. With the BeoSound 3000 you can wake up to your favourite piece of music. The BeoSound 3000 can be programmed for the entire week and will automatically turn itself off again after playing for any length of time you choose.

Sliding Doors

Just raise a hand and watch as the glass doors glide silently aside. It's the BeoSound 3000's way of saying "welcome" and reveals that a special experience is about to begin. Of course, a simple on/off button would do, but then what would be so special about that? Beocenter 3000’s unassuming rubber key pad hides a contact foil, which, in turn, covers a matrix of vertical and horizontal cords. When a control is pressed, the cords connect and the microprocessor is activated.


It's a dream come true - a music system that can fill your life with music without filling your home with equipment. The flat upright design of BeoSound 3000 means that it's slim enough to sit by itself upon the narrowest shelf or light enough to be hung directly on a wall with any pair of loudspeakers in the BeoLab range.


It used to be that your music system was placed in one room in your home and you had to go there to listen to it. Not anymore. With Beolink®, you can place extra loudspeakers in any room in the house and access the musical options of your BeoSound 3000. The BeoSound 3000 is also equally at home in a Surround Sound setup and will give you an unmatched sound experience.

Internet Music

There's so much good music on the Internet, but until now you had to be in the same room as your computer to enjoy it. Not anymore. With the latest Beolink® PC2 software application, you can access your digital music collection directly from the BeoSound 3000 in the living room - and send it from there to any other room in the house via the Beolink system.

How the glass doors work

The glass doors on the BeoSound 3000 and BeoSound Ouverture are opened and closed by steel wires driven by an electric motor via a gearbox. The motor is triggered by an infrared system that detects your approach.

Mounting Options

This classic design was reincarnated over a 21 year period with various mounts and stands. Floor stands were available with a pole stand or CD and tape storage, wall mount solutions allowed for the Hi-Fi only, or with BeoLab2500 speakers until these were discontinued

Bang & Olufsen's preferred supplier for brackets and stands, STBbrackets, have made a range of direct replacements and accessories for wall mounts 2052 and 2087. Distributed throughout the World by the Bang & Olufsen store network, the STB solutions add to the diversity of mounting options and positions available.

»Mounting Solutions

Replacement wall bracket for BeoSound 3200

Bracket 2052 mounts the Hi-Fi to the wall without speakers. Compatibility: BeoSound Ouverture, BeoCenter 2300, BeoCenter 2500, BeoSound 3000, BeoSound 3200, BeoSound 4000

System Bracket for Ouverture

This replacement for Bang & Olufsen System Bracket 2087, has been engineered to meet a growing demand from customers who wish to mount BeoCenter2500 and later models, with BeoLab2500 speakers.

Compatibility: BeoSound Ouverture with BeoLab 2500, BeoCenter 2300 with BeoLab 2500, BeoCenter 2500 with BeoLab 2500, BeoSound 3000 with BeoLab 2500, BeoSound 4000 with BeoLab 2500, BeoSound 3200 with BeoLab 2500

Wall bracket BeoLab 2500 (Speakers Only)

Mount BeoLab 2500 active speakers directly to the wall with BL2500 Wall Bracket. Sold as a pair of brackets, this solution allows you to independently mount the BeoLab2500 separately from the BeoCenter / BeoSound hifi.

Wall Plate ONLY for 2500/3000/Ouverture series HiFi with BeoLab2500

This replacement Wall Plate is designed to allow Bang & Olufsen System Bracket 2087 for BeoCenter 2500 and later variants, with BeoLab 2500 speakers to be attached to the wall.

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BeoSound 3000 CD/Tuner Product Specifications

Dimension W x H x D / Weight:
32 x 36 x 16 cm / 7 kg

Cabinet finish: Black/aluminium

Power consumption: Typical 23 watts/standby < 3 watts
Tuner: Built-in
Pre-tuned radio programmes: 60 FM or AM
Radio ranges: FM-LW-MW
RDS: Built-in

Compact disc: Built-in
Disc sizes: 12 cm, 8 cm
Frequency range: 20 - 20,000 Hz, +/- 1 dB
Signal-to-noise-ratio: Typical 101 dB, A, weighted
D/A converting: Bitstream, analogue filtration


Programming, Edit , Random , Repeat
Power Link (two)
FM aerial, 75 ohm
AM aerial (Dedicated)
Master Link (ML)

Beolink®: Master Link (ML)
Remote control: Beo4


Stand: Aluminium, Black, Blue, Green, Red
Center wall bracket, Black
System wall bracket, Black
Floor Center stand, Aluminium

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Created: 2nd February 2007
Modified: 19th September 2012

Author Notes:

Beoworld says: Classic B&O and popular. Plastics used are low grade.

Locking the doors:

When the glass doors are locked it is not possible to open them by moving towards the doors, so when you close the cabinet doors they will not open.

The glass doors can only be locked if your Beosound 3200 is in Standby.

Press SHIFT 9 0 3 6 9 with no more than 2 seconds between the individual numbers being entered.

The display shows “LOCKED”.

To unlock the glass doors press SHIFT 9 0 3 6 9 with no more than 2 seconds.

The display shows “UNLOCKED”.

The function will be saved in NVRAM if you disconnect from mains.

If you are using the Beo4 then you will need to add the SHIFT command to your LIST before doing the above.

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