BeoSound 3 Portable Radio with SD Card

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Manufactured: 2006 - 2009
Designer: David Lewis
Colours: Silver

" BeoSound 3 is a new compact music system comprising FM radio and SD card player for e.g.. music recorded on BeoSound 4. The products represents a genuine portable solution with integrated, rechargeable battery, soft-touch operation, clock-radio function, and a high quality loudspeaker. BeoSound 3 is scheduled for the second quarter of the financial year " - taken from Bang & Olufsen's Financial Report, August 2005

Although conceptually based on the classical transistor radio concept, BeoSound 3 is a product with modern functionality. The unit features built-in FM radio with the ability to store up to 99 pre-set frequencies. When the radio is switched on the antenna rises automatically and elegantly, similar to BeoSound 1.

With the memory card functionality the user may listen to favourite digitally-stored music on the BeoSound 3. Whereas BeoSound 2 is for the individual, BeoSound 3 can be for the whole family to enjoy. Bang & Olufsen can now offer the user a complete solution for digital music entertainment. Recorded from BeoSound 4 or transferred directly from the computer to the memory card, users can choose to take the music with them - either on BeoSound 2 or on BeoSound 3.

With the built-in wake-up timer functionality, BeoSound 3 may be used as a clock radio to wake up to in the morning.

Flexibility in placement

BeoSound 3 can be placed upright or hung on a dedicated wall bracket supplied with the unit.

Rechargeable battery

As it is supplied with a rechargeable battery, the unit is entirely free of power cables and can easily be moved from one place to another without having to plug and unplug. BeoSound 3 is a truly portable "place-and-play" product.

BeoSound 3 delivers portable and personal sound with style

In appearance, the new BeoSound 3 portable audio system from Bang & Olufsen echoes past traditions, while on the inside the technology looks to the future. BeoSound 3 is available from November/December 2005.

BeoSound 3 has an FM radio, SD (Secure Digital) card reader and clock-timer elegantly packaged together with a rechargeable battery in the robust, anodised aluminium cabinet. The full-range mono loudspeaker’s performance belies the small size of BeoSound 3, and provides clear rendition of music and vocal broadcasts.

Truly ‘place and play’

The distinctive appearance makes BeoSound 3 stand out from the conventional or ‘retro’ portable music systems available on the market today. “BeoSound 3 is truly a portable concept, built for robustness and with an acoustic design that facilitates sound clarity,” says Brian Stilling Laursen, Product Manager, Bang & Olufsen. “The form appears quite extraordinary at first, and yet in use BeoSound 3 proves remarkably effective with what we call ‘classic transistor radio’ use.”

In addition to the FM radio, the ability to play music and radio recorded on the new BeoSound 4 audio system offers the ease of listening to, for example, CD quality music away from home played on the very robust flash memory SD card. The SD card can also be used when on the move with the BeoSound 2 digital music player.

The large, black handle is immediately apparent to the user. The handle clicks into one of five positions at rest, ensuring no ‘clatter’ against the aluminium cabinet. In addition to the obvious placement standing on its base pretty much anywhere, BeoSound 3 is supplied with a wall bracket that fits tightly around the handle. This enables fixed placement beside the bed, for example, if the user wishes to use the clock, wake-up timer, and stop-timer functionality built in to BeoSound 3.

An experience for now – and the future

All operation of the BeoSound 3 happens on the soft-touch top panel. Soft-touch operation on aluminium was pioneered by Bang & Olufsen on the BeoCenter 2 audio and DVD system, and the absence of protruding buttons and knobs only increases the ease and convenience of carrying and placing BeoSound 3. The motorised antenna rises automatically when the radio is switched on.

Bang & Olufsen aims to be wherever the company’s customers are, with entertainment solutions that do not compromise the quality of the listening experience. “Considering the appeal of the ‘traditional’ transistor radio concept and the addition of the future-secure SD card functionality, we fully expect BeoSound 3 to be a huge hit among both existing and new Bang & Olufsen customers,” concludes Brian Stilling Laursen, Product Manager, Bang & Olufsen.

Press Release: November 2005


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BeoSound 3 Portable Radio with SD Card Product Specifications

Designer David Lewis
Dimensions/weight 13.5 x 9 x 42.1 cm / 2.5 kg (handle straight up)
Cabinet finish Aluminium
Power consumption Typical 12 W, standby 0.6 W
Radio FM, 59 radio presets Features Wake-up timer, SD-card playback (MP3, WMA)
Loudspeaker system Built-in, closed box
Power amplifier modules 1 unit, Class A/B
Connections Battery charge, SD card, headphone (stereo)
Accessories Wall bracket, black (included)

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Created: 2nd February 2007
Modified: 3rd March 2019

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Beoworld says: Lovely design but no DAB or even AM means this is a niche product in search for a niche. Mono only though good quality sound. Is difficult to recommend for UK listeners.

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