BeoSound 1 Portable CD/Tuner

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Manufactured: 2001 - present
Designer: David Lewis
Colours: Green, Silver, Purple, Blue, White, Black, Gold

" BeoSound 1 is maximum expression. Simple, elegant and easy to move around. Use it in your home, in the office, or bring it with you on holiday. Sleek and sturdy the BeoSound 1 fits in wherever you have a desire for great sound " B&O Catalogue 2001 - 2002

With a tough, robust construction, BeoSound 1 is constructed to be moved and used anywhere. From the home to the work place, and everywhere in between, it offers you CD and radio with the simplest of plug-and-play functionality. And hidden behind the compact design lies a set of exceptionally powerful loudspeakers, capable of producing a dynamic sound far beyond the modest dimensions of the cabinet.


From intense rhythms to laid-back listening - the impressive three-way loudspeaker system hiding behind the cool aluminium front will handle the deepest bass and highest notes with ease. With its integrated handle, BeoSound 1 is easy to pick up and move around. It's small enough to fit in anywhere, but still big enough to power a party with a sound that's true, pure and clear.

With its integrated handle, BeoSound 1 is easy to pick up and move around. It's small enough to fit in anywhere, but still big enough to power a party with a sound that's true, pure and clear.


Life can be rough, but BeoSound 1 is built to take all the knocks. Tough, robust and solid, it's a piece of musical freedom that's always ready for take off.

Do you want BeoSound 1 to stand out or blend in? Should it make a statement or become a part of its surroundings? The perforated aluminium front comes in 5 different colours - natural aluminium, black, blue, green and russet - which lets you decide for yourself.


Just plug it in and BeoSound 1 is at your command. All the buttons are concealed behind the front panel and in a layout that's easy to understand and simple to use. BeoSound 1 can also be controlled via a Beo4 remote control. The discreet display keeps you in touch with what source you're listening to.

CD and radio

Press "Load" and watch the CD holder flip up to accept your disc. Or switch over to Radio and listen to one of the 60 stations that can be stored in the programme memory. And if you ever need better reception, the aerial will rise at the touch of a button.

BeoSound 1 was updated mid-October 2002 with an addition of a Wake Up Timer. There is also a new colour to the existing range - violet - with jade green being discontinued.

BeoSound 1 wins Japanese design award

In late 2002, the monthly magazine Nikkei BP Design marked its 15th birthday by conferring gold, silver, bronze and special "Nikkei Design" awards. Bang & Olufsen won an impressive bronze award for BeoSound 1. In their citation, the judges emphasised the striking design and that Bang & Olufsen are challenging the market for portable music . They also emphasised that the relatively low price will appeal to young people, while the straightforward functionality will "appeal to the older generation". (From Beolink magazine 5, March 2003)

BeoSound 1 - a golden opportunity to purchase the first models on the Internet - Press Release August 2001

Reach out for BeoSound 1 on the Net - Limited edition of new movable sound system may only be ordered via Internet

" On 15 September the first ever Internet event from Bang & Olufsen will be launched. Running simultaneously with the release of a newly revised home page, this special event will feature on-line reservation of a limited edition BeoSound 1. The newest audio product from B&O integrates a CD player, FM radio and powerful active loudspeakers in a surprising design. Encased in an exclusive Internet-only russet yellow colour, these 1,000 units will be available for pre-launch reservation only through visiting the Bang & Olufsen Web site.

On-line reservation

On-line reservation of the limited edition BeoSound 1 takes place quickly and simply; the visitor only needs to click on the appropriate photograph and fill out the registration fields that appear next. Filling out his or her name, address, e-mail and the like, he or she will receive a special BeoSound 1 screen saver as well. The 1000 units will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. When they are no longer available, the special BeoSound 1 screen saver will be provided to event visitors, along with an invitation to visit their local B&O dealer to receive a product demonstration.

Choose their own dealer

One of the most important elements in this campaign is that the visitor chooses from which Bang & Olufsen dealer he or she will purchase the physical product. It is through this dealer, and not Bang & Olufsen a/s, that all purchase-related elements will take place, including delivery and after-sales service.

Certificate and individual numbering

A special welcome envelope containing a Special Edition Certificate will accompany each product, in addition to a special silver label indicating the individual production number of the product, such as 1/1000, 2/1000, 3/1000 and so on.

Delivery upon market launch

Whilst the customer may reserve a BeoSound 1 already from 15 September, the delivery will not take place until the actual launch of the product in his or her market. This rolling launch process stretches from week 45, 2000 until week 6, 2001, dependant upon market. "

BeoSound 1 with timer: a movable music centre

"Place your BeoSound 1 where you like. The compact design enables you to bring it with you anywhere. BeoSound 1 gives you an excellent sound experience no matter how near or far you are from the speakers. The sound is optimised and no additional settings."

CD operation:

All buttons on BeoSound 1 are located at the back of the operation panel together with the CD compartment. Press LOAD to raise the CD compartment. With the CD compartment raised, offer the CD into the slot provided. Always load the CD with the CD label facing upwards. Press LOAD again to lower the compartment or just press CD to play your CD. If no CD is loaded when you press one of the CD buttons, the CD compartment raises, ready for you to load a CD. When the CD has stopped playing and no commands have been received for 30 minutes, BeoSound 1 switches to standby.

Radio operation:

You can store up to 59 different radio stations. To step between stored radio stations, the programme number or frequency must be shown in the display. To listen to the radio, just press one of the radio buttons, the radio will start playing on the radio station you last listened to. You can extend the built-in aerial by pressing the AERIAL button.


the speakers will be muted when headphones are connected. BeoSound 1 presents essential audio sources in a compact and easily operated way

the compact design and the built-in handle lets you to take the music with you

remove the cover at the back of BeoSound 1 and connect the headphones to the socket

the radio finds the first available station the first time you press the RADIO button

press AERIAL to extend or retract the built-in aerial. You can also push the aerial down manually

if no CD is loaded when you press CD, the CD compartment raises automatically, ready to be loaded with your favourite CD

you can adjust and store the volume level at any time. The display will keep you informed of what you have chosen and you can set the display light to the level suitable for you. Also, choose the display mode you prefer for radio stations; programme number or frequency

Timer facilities

BeoSound 1 has a built-in 24-hour clock. If you wish to make use of the Wake-up Timer function, you must first make sure that the built-in clock in the BeoSound 1 has been set correctly. If BeoSound 1 has been disconnected from the mains for about 30 minutes, the clock must be set again.

You can program BeoSound 1 to wake you in the morning. The Wake-up Timer is a once-only timer. Like an alarm clock it is deleted once it has been executed. While the Timer is being carried out, the time is shown in the display. When you operate or switch off your BeoSound 1, the display returns to the mode you have chosen. Once you have made one Wake-up Timer, BeoSound 1 automatically suggests the time you entered for the latest Wake-up Timer in the display when you enter a new one. Wake-up Timers can of course also be deleted again.

When you choose radio as your source, the radio will start playing on the station you last listened to. If you choose CD as your source, it is essential that a CD is first loaded. If you do not choose a source, the radio, by default, will be used for your Wake-up Timer.

Beo4 operation

Although designed primarily for close-up operation, BeoSound 1 can also be operated from a distance. The Beo4 remote control operates all the primary functions in your BeoSound 1. With Beo4, you can switch on or off, select radio programmes or CD tracks and adjust sound. You can also use the Beo4 remote control to enter a Wake-up Timer. This is carried out while BeoSound 1 is in standby by pressing the MENU button on Beo4. Pressing the red button on the Beo4 remote control will show the time in the display.

Note that if the clock has not been set, or BeoSound 1 has been disconnected from the mains for approximately 30 minutes, it is not possible to set a Wake-up Timer. The clock must be set first. You can call up the settings for the Wake-up Timer in the display to check the time or to delete the Wake-up Timer.

Protecting your BeoSound 1

You can choose whether or not to activate the PIN code system as a security measure against unwanted usage or theft. By activating this, BeoSound 1 is protected with a four-digit PIN code. The use of a PIN code means that if BeoSound 1 is disconnected from the mains for more than 30 minutes, the system can only be activated again by keying in your own personal PIN code. If the PIN code is not entered, BeoSound 1 automatically switches to standby after 3 minutes. If a wrong PIN code is entered, you are allowed five attempts to key in the code, after which the system is switched off and cannot be switched on for 3 hours. Should you forget your PIN code, it is necessary to contact a retailer who can assist you in receiving a Master Code from Bang & Olufsen.

You need this code in order to reactivate your BeoSound 1. Note that if a wrong code is entered a second time, the cue 'Err' appears in the display and you must enter and confirm the code again. If you accidentally store a wrong digit, pressing STOP will delete all digits again and you can enter new ones.

You may change your PIN code at any time. However, for security reasons it is only possible to change the PIN code five times within a period of 3 hours. You must enter your current PIN code before changing the code.

Changing your BeoSound 1 cover:

You can change the front cover of your BeoSound 1 to complement your new room décor by using the following tips. Like always, if you're unsure about what you're doing then consult a professional Bang & Olufsen technician who will be able to do this task for you easily and safely. Use the floor or some soft furnishing to avoid damaging your unit:

With the BeoSound 1 isolated from mains electricity lie it down on the floor with the front panel facing upwards and the controls away from you, at the top

Press firmly but gently on the outside rim of the front cover about one-third of the way down from the top; at the same time pushing the cover up, away from you

This will release the mechanism and the cover will slide up and off the front of the unit

To replace the cover position it onto the front of the unit- ensuring that the inner black plastic 'screen' is positioned in the sliders within the metal cover

Gently place the cover back into its cut-out grooves on the unit, about one centimetre or so from the base

Firmly but gently push down the cover towards you. The cover should gently 'snap' into place!

BeoSound 1 Special Edition

In 2001, before BeoSound 1 was available to purchase in High Street stores, a gold-coloured version - limited to 1000 models - could be bought only from the Internet. Needless to say, this limited edition was sold very quickly and at the time was very desirable.

However, as the CD format has sadly lost it's appeal, the value of these units has declined to the point of them only being worth what someone is prepared to pay - which isn't much!


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BeoSound 1 Portable CD/Tuner Product Specifications

Types / Voltage:
EU 2581 FM 230V
GB 2582 FM 230V
USA-CDN 2583 FM 120V
J 2584 FM 100V
AUS 2585 FM 240V
TWN 2586 FM 120V
KOR 2587 FM 230V
Latin America 2590 AM FM230V

Tuner: built-in
Pre-tuned radio programmes 59
Radio ranges FM

Compact disc: built-in
Plays: CD-A, CD-R (finalised) Disc sizes 12cm, 8cm with adapter
Frequency range 20 - 20,000 Hz, ± 1,0 dB
Signal-to-noise-ratio typical 100 dB, A weighted
D/A converting Bitstream, analogue filtration
Features Editing

Power amplifier Built-in, 4 units, Class AB
Loudspeaker system: built-in
91 dB IEC stereo
55 - 20,000 Hz

Specifications: Dimensions W x H x D / Weight 51 x 34 x 16cm/6,5 kg
Power consumption Typical 12 watts / stand-by: 0,6 W
Accessories: Wall bracket: 2162
Floor Center Stand: 2163
Front cover: silver, black, blue, russet, light blue, violet
Remote control: Beo4

Connections: AUX 1
FM aerial, 75 ohm 1
Headphone / Mini-jack 1
Mains 1

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