BeoCord 2400 Cassette Deck

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Manufactured: 1981 - 1984
Designer: Jacob Jensen
Colours: Rosewood, Teak

This highly specified top-loading cassette deck closely matched Beomaster 2300 both in appearance and technical compatibility. But it was also worth serious consideration for use with any good hi-fi system, especially if ease-of-use was one of your demands.

Ferric, chrome and metal tapes could be used and the Dolby B noise reduction system kept your recordings clean and hiss-free. The large split-channel VU meters made it easy to set optimum recording levels using the input slider. The combined record/replay head was of long-life Sendust.

The 3-digit tape counter had a press-button reset; a memory function aided easy location of favourite tracks for repeat playing.

Piano-key controls separated all tape-transport functioned: these included a very precise pause control and a double-key record control - a safety check for preventing the accidental erasure of tapes.

Tape speed was highly accurate with deviation of less than +/- 1% and wow and flutter below +/- 0,15% DIN.

Beocord 2400 measured 40cm wide, 8cm high (11cm with cassette holder open) and 25cm deep. The slim cabinet was finished in either natural teak or rosewood.

At the 1969 Hanover Fair Bang & Olufsen and Jacob Jensen - designer of Beocord 2400 - were presented with the iF award for no less than 4 products for 'outstanding industrial design' including this sleek cassette recorder.

BeoCord 2400 Cassette Deck Product Specifications

Type no: 2665
Compact cassette: C46-C60-C90
Tape head: Sendust
Noise reduction: Dolby NR
Tape switch: Auto ferro/chrom, manual metal
Wow & flutter DIN: <+/- 0,15%
Speed deviation: (+/- 1%
Fast forward & rewind C60: 90 sec
Frequency range metal/chrom/ferro: 30 - 16 kHz =/- 3dB with MPX filter
Signal-to-noise ratio metal Dolby NR: >66dB
Signal-to-noise ratio chrome Dolby NR: >64dB
Signal-to-noise ratio ferro Dolby NR: >62dB
Signal-to-noise ratio metal: >59dB Signal-to-noise ratio Chrome: >57dB
Signal-to-noise ratio ferro: >55dB
Channel separation: >35dB
Erasure: >70dB
Erasure frequency: 96kHz
Radio input DIN: 1mV/10kohms
Microphone input Din: 0,3 mV/3.3 kohms
Radio output DIN: 700 mV/10kohms
Power supply: 220V (110-130-240V)
Power frequency: 50Hz
Power consumption: 20W
Dimensions WxHxD: 40x8x25cm
Weight 5kg
Finishes: teak or rosewood

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Modified: 20th February 2007

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