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Manufactured: 1984 - 1997
Colours: Silver and Black

This could be regarded as the standard cartridge in the range and was fitted to many decks as standard.

In many ways a replacement for the MMC20E, it offered good performance at a most reasonable price.

These days it is no longer made but it can be replaced by the superb SMMC4 made by Soundsmith.

MMC4 Product Specifications

Description Titanium-bonded elliptical diamond, mounted on a tapered aluminium cantilever
Tracking force - grams 1.2
Diamond Stylus Elliptical
Cantilever tube. Tap. alum. .
Effective tip mass mg 0,4
Compliance mg/mN 25
Frequency 20-20000 Hz=/-dB 2,5
Channel separation 1000>dB 22
Output mV/cm/s RMS 0,6
Cartridge weight gram 1,6

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