BeoVision MX5000 NTSC

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Manufactured: 1988 - 1991
Designer: David Lewis
Colours: White, Black, Red, Blue

Bang & Olufsen's first television in the North American market was a variant of the European MX range with important changes to accomodate the different electrical and broadcast systems there.


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BeoVision MX5000 NTSC Product Specifications

Type: USA 3250 (1988 - May 1991)
CTV system NTSC M
Picture tube (Visual picture) 70cm (66cm)
Picture tube system Flat square, Black matrix, In-line 110°

Operation Beolink 1000, one-way
Beolink 7000, two-way (from April 1990)
Sound system Multichannel Television Sound BTSC
TV tuner range VHF channel 2-6
VHF mid. CATV A A-5 - A-1, A-1
VHF channel 7 - 13
VHF super channels
VHF hyper channels W + 1 - W + 28
UHF channels 14 - 69
UHF ultra channels W + 29 - W + 84
Tuning system Digital, fine tune
No. of User defined channels A input: 125, B input: 125
Sensitivity VHF: - 87 dBm min
UHF: - 85 dBm min
IF rejection VHF: >50 dB
UHF: >55 dB
Image rejection VHF: >50 dB
UHF: >30 dB
Adjacent channel reduction Adj. picture carrier: > 40 dB
Adj. sound carrier: > 40 dB
Contrast control range > 7 dB
Tint control range > 40 degrees

Speaker system: 2 x log line
Speaker units: 2 x 7,5cm
Sound output power: RMS 2 x 5 W
Harmonic distortion: < 1.5% at 3 W
Signal-to-noise ratio: > 45 dB stereo/SAP
Frequency range, output ampl: 85 - 9,000 Hz
Frequency range, Power Link out: 30 - 20,000 Hz +/- 1.5 dB ext. sources
Bass control: +/- 5 dB / 100 Hz
Treble control: +/- 5 dB /10,000 Hz

Power supply: 120 V
Power consumption: 150 W max
Power consumption stand-by: 2,7 W
Dimensions W x H x D: 64.7 x 67.3 x 47.6cm
Weight: 48 kg

Connections: VCR 1 (B&O AV1), Decoder (EIA:IS-15), AUX/LINE, Power Links 1& 2, S-Video in, B&O motorised stand, Ext. speakers R & L, Headphones, Audio in R&L
Audio Out R&L, Video in, Video out, Data Link, RF connectors (F type), IN A&B, IN C, Out 1&2, Out 3

Link compatibility: Datalink

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