Beomaster 611 de Luxe

Manufactured: unknown - unknown

Beomaster 611 de Luxe is the most perfect combination of good sound and modern design Scandinavian furniture style.

Beomaster 611 de Luxe has two built-in pressure loudspeakers. These two loudspeakers have exquisite sound performance. The cabinet has been provided with ample space for a record collection of 200 records. The same space can easily be changed for mounting a Beocord Stereomaster tape recorder. All plugs have been provided just to plug in the tape recorder.

Beomaster 611 de Luxe is equipped with a Garrard Changer or a B&O turntable 42 VF. The built-in stereo radio is the new all-transistorized Beomaster 610 K. Beomaster 611 de Luxe has built-in FM and AM aerials and has connections for external aerials. Furthermore Beomaster 611 de Luxe has possibilities for connecting extra loudspeakers which can run independent of the built-in speakers by only turning the plug. Furthermore Beomaster 611 de Luxe has possibilities for connection for external aerials."


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Beomaster 611 de Luxe Product Specifications

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Created: 22nd January 2007
Modified: 6th February 2007

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