Beosat RX

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Manufactured: 1991 - 1994

(1991) External satellite receiver. Remote control by Video Terminal or Beolink 1000

Type numbers: 3026, 3028, 3030

The Beosat RX was B&O’s only stand-alone satellite receiver. It was carefully designed so as to be usable with all Beovision televisions, and would work correctly with any UK-supplied model. To allow this, connections could be made either by a 21-pin AV connection or via the TV set’s aerial connection using the built-in RF modulator. The Beosat RX functioned primarily by remote control, though contained its own receiver so that if the television did not have a remote control, or used the earlier ultrasonic type, a Beolink 1000 would have to be bought to go with it. For more modern sets, four options were available:

Direct control from a Video Terminal (for use with the 33XX and 77XX series Beovisions).

AV control from a Beovision using the Video Terminal (for use with the Beovision MX 2000 and M 20).

Direct control from the Beolink 1000 terminal (for use with sets with no remote control, and the MX 1500).

AV control from a Beovision using the V Terminal or Beolink 1000 (LX and later MX models). This mode also made the Beosat RX accessible through a link system.

To simplify operation, on-screen menus were used to tune and operate all the functions of the Beosat RX. When used with a VX5000 video recorder (which the Beosat was styled and scaled to stand underneath), satellite programmes could be recorded under timer control, a unique feature at the time.

The receiver itself was a sophisticated and modern design. It could be used with two dishes (or a dual LNB), and could control an outdoor disc motor and a “polarotor” polarising control. A decoder for encoded programmes requiring a subscription card was not fitted, though one could be added externally.

The Beosat RX was a unique product in the B&O range and was not replaced directly. Later satellite receivers were all of the built-in variety, something that was made possible by the adoption of a common chassis for all B&O TV sets.

Beosat RX Product Specifications

Types: EU 3026 (1987 - May 1994), GB 3028 (1987 - Feb 1992)
Operation Beolink 1000 Video terminal via Beovision
Built-in IR reciever as alternative 
Satellite system ECS (European Communication Satellite
Prepared for DBS (Direct Broadcasting satellite 
Tuning range 950 - 1750 MHz 
Input level -25 dBm to -65 dBm 
Number of programmes 31 (can be extended to 67) 

Sound system 
Mono and stereo 
Sound tuning Fixed mono 6.6 MHz
Fixed stereo 7.02 MHz (left), 7.20 MHz (right)
Tuning range 5.5 - 8 MHz 
Sound bandwidth Super wide 900 kHz
Wide 280 kHz
Narrow 130 kHz 
UHF modulator Type 3026, 3028 PAL B/G-I
Type 3030 SECAM L 
Power supply Type 3026, 3030 220V
Type 3028 240V 

Connections: P113 Outdoor Control: 
Pin 1 LNB select 11/12 GHz
V out 5 V
R out 600 ohms
Duration 3. sec. 
Pin 2 Ext. polar/Polar rotor/ODU data
Pulse width 0.8 - 2.2 msec.
T repetition 15 - 18 msec. 
Pin 3 Ground 
Pin 4 5V
I max 550 mA 
Pin 5 ODU data 
Threshold level type 1.5 V
R in 12 kohms
F clock 600 Hz 
Pin 6 Sat. tuner AGC
V out 7-0.5 V 

Decoder Video 
Modulator Antenna sockets Impedance 75 ohms
Adjustable from channel 30 to channel 39
Adjusted to channel 35 from the factory 
Satellite Antenna sockets Impedance 75 ohms
15V on conductor 1 for vertical polarization or on conductor 2 for horizontal polarization
I max 300 mA

Link compatibility: Datalink

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