Beosat Parabolic Antenna - ODU60 & ODU90

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Manufactured: 1990 - 1996

Outdoor satellite packages ODU 60 or ODU 90 were optimised for BeoSat LM and the kits contained all the components necessary for reception: dish, electronics and a selection of mounts. Because of its size, ODU 90 was suitable for reception of TV from all satellites in wider regions than ODU 60, e.g. most parts of Scandinavia.

The ODU 60 package comprised a 60cm aluminium dish, electronics and a multi-position bracket. High sensitivity was secured with a dish rolled into shape, a manufacturing process with the highest possible level of precision. All surfaces were coated with extremely durable electrostatically applied black lacquer with the support strut in shiny stainless steel. The black coating made the dish seem smaller than its actual size, and the stainless steel reflected the surroundings. The multi-position bracket allowed for mounting on vertical and horizontal surfaces, below roof overhangs or on a pole.

The ODU 90 package comprised a 90cm efficient and large dish in pressed aluminium, and electronics were mounted on a single, extremely stiff support strut in steel. ODU 90 was mounted on a fixed wall bracket or on a pole on horizontal surfaces. Optionally it could be equipped with a motor and polar mount for the reception of TV from more than one satellite.

The dish was comparatively flat to facilitate mounting on the standard wall bracket. All surfaces of ODU 90 were coated with a protective layer of black chromate polyester.

The LNB used for the two packages had a noise figure of 1.3 dB. The LNB fitted was for the 11 GHz band, that is for medium-powered satellites. Polarisation was changed with a polar-rotor, i.e. a small motor rotating the antenna element mechanically. The polar-rotor was remote-controlled via the BeoSat receiver through a cable, connected in a watertight junction box on the back of the dish.

Beosat Parabolic Antenna - ODU60 & ODU90 Product Specifications

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