Type S Passive Loudspeakers

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Manufactured: 1961 - 1966
Colours: Teak or rosewood

As a result of completely new type of pressurisation it has been possible to achieve sound reproduction, with this elegant loudspeaker, which does justice to hi-fi requirements.

The dimensions have been so adjusted to allow the loudspeakers to be incorporated horizontally in a bookshelf or vertically. It is available in either teak or rose-wood.


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Type S Passive Loudspeakers Product Specifications

Number and type of speakers: 2 in a special system with carefully suspended membrane, 1 treble and 1 bass
Frequency: 3000 c/s
Dimensions: Membrane: 17cm, 20cm
Oscillator Coil: 1,2cm, 2cm
Frequency Range:
40 - 20,000 c/s
50 - 16,000 c/s +/- 3dB
Resonance of the cabinet: 60 c/s
Power Capacity: 10 W constant, 15 W peak
It is a rockwool lined enclosure, without peak resonance and with special pressurisation
Impedance: 3.5 - 5 ohms
Lead Length: 7,8m
Weight: 11,8kg
Width: 28cm Height: 60cm, Depth 28cm

Created: 22nd January 2007
Modified: 4th April 2007

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