Beosystem AV7000

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Manufactured: 1993 - unknown
Designer: Jacob Jensen
Colours: Silver, Black

Beosystem AV 7000 was sold primarily in North America and was designed to work together with Beolink 1000. However, both the Beolink 5000 or the Beolink 7000 remote control terminals could be used but with minor restrictions:

" Neither the Beolink 5000 nor Beolink 7000 terminal is recommended for use with the AV7000 Control Centre and the audio/video products that are used with it. To use a function in your audio system that is only available with the Beolink 5000/7000 terminal, you must reprogram your audio system:

Press SOUND, 1, STORE on the Beolink 1000 Terminal

Then operate the function you wish to use in your audio system, using the Beolink 5000/7000 Terminal

Finally, press SOUND, 0, STORE on the Beolink 1000 Terminal to program your audio system back again for the correct setting for daily use in an AV7000 System

NOTE: If you have the sound from your Bang & Olufsen audio system extended to other rooms in the house (via a Bang & Olufsen Local Control System), a Beolink 5000 or 7000 Terminal may be used for audio operation in that room."

The unit delivered Dolby Pro-Logic Surround Sound. The system comprised: Beosystem 7000, a Beovision MX6000 television and four active speakers. It was eventually phased out when Beosystem AV9000 was introduced.

Finish: polished aluminium black or white

Beosystem AV7000 Product Specifications

Type: 2346 (1993)


Operation Beolink 1000
Sound modes: mono (1 loudspeaker), Stereo (2 loudspeaker), Stereo +Centre (3 loudspeaker), Stereo -4 (4 loudspeaker), Dolby Surround (5 loudspeakers)
Volume range: 80 dB
Treble: +/- 8 dB, 10 kHz
Bass: +/- 8 dB, 870 Hz
Centre speaker:
Output power: IHF A202 45 W / 8 ohms
Frequency response: 100 - 20000 Hz
Distortion: <0.2 %
Stereo mode:
Signal-to-noise ratio: A weighted > 86 dB (Ref.: V in = V out = 1 V
Distortion Typ: 0.1 % (1 kHz/V in = V out = 1 V
Dolby Surround Sound mode:
Left/right balance control: +/- 6 dB*
Front/Rear balance control: +/- 6 dB*
Centre level control: +/- 6 dB*
* Total range i limited to 25 dB, which can cause limitations in centre level and balance controls

Signal-to-noise ratio Left, Right, Rear: >55 dB (Ref.: V in = 300 mV, V out = 100 mV
Signal-to-noise ratio Centre: >55 dB (Ref.: V in = V out = 300 mV / 8 ohm
Channel separation: Typ. 25 dB
Time delay Surround Sound channel: 20.4 mSec

Power supply: max 71 W
Power consumption: 3 W
Dimensions W x H x D: 42 x 7.5 x 32.5cm
Weight: 8.1kg

Connections: Aux Audio, Power Link AUDIO, Aux Video, Active speakers, Centre speaker: Push terminals, Subwoofer Phono, Other TV / VCR / CDV Phono, IR transmitter 4 sockets, mini-jack
Extern IR receiver Mini-jack

Link compatibility: Datalink

Created: 21st January 2007
Modified: 27th January 2007

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