BeoSystem 3 Dedicated AV Processor

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Manufactured: 2006 - present
Designer: David Lewis
Colours: Silver

BeoSystem 3 is a ‘stage manager’ for your personal home theatre. It comes alive once you connect all your A/V hardware to it.

Just like a manager working backstage at the theatre, it ensures that all the individual players in your entertainment set-up know their roles and are able to give the best performance possible. From simply displaying the images in your digital camera - to the grandest of widescreen Home Cinema experiences in 7.1 surround sound, even with the option of using two subwoofers instead of just one.

Connect almost anything to BeoSystem 3 and Beo4 is likely be able to control it. And given that BeoSystem 3 holds 70+ different plugs and cables you are left with quite ample choice.

Cinema Engine.

BeoSystem 3 is a Cinema Engine, designed to accept and optimise a variety of signal sources: cable, satellite, high-definition television, surround Sound, DVD, Hard Disc Recorders, content streamed over Broadband, game consoles, digital cameras, etc.

Whatever source you choose for your home theatre enjoyment, BeoSystem 3 will analyse and optimise all incoming signals and deliver the best possible sound and picture to your BeoVision screens, projector(s) and loudspeakers. It works particularly well with BeoVision 4, yet is designed to drive a variety of output hardware.

It is able to output up to one billion colours on BeoVision 4 and manage sound through BeoLab speakers as Dolby Digital 5.1, and 6.1/7.1 Ex, DTS 5.1, DTS ES Matrix/Discrete 6.1 or Dolby Pro Logic IIx. Whatever you can imagine, BeoSystem 3 will most likely to be able to handle it and surround you with sound.

State-of-the-art digital image and sound processing and total integration of all of the above sources, screens and loudspeakers is exactly what the new BeoSystem 3 is created to do. While you watch it, BeoSystem 3 watches the room. Using Automatic Picture Control, it measures the effects of ambient light in your room and adjusts contrast and brightness accordingly.

Put your BeoVision 4 and your projection screen on different walls and still enjoy perfect surround sound. BeoSystem 3 will turn the sound around for you to set the perfect stage.

BeoSystem 3 will even let you enjoy dual subwoofers for even better low frequency perception, literally making your walls tremble bringing the experience inside.


The BeoSystem 3 is a compact component with a true Bang & Olufsen design. The aluminium cabinet includes a cable management tray so it may be placed in the open if desired. It may also be concealed, so the dimensions here are with and without the cable tray attached:

BeoSystem 3 component (H x W x D): 28.6 x 47 x 10 cm

BeoSystem 3 w / cable tray (H x W x D): 33.7 x 53.4 x 10 cm

Note that the unit can be wall-mounted or stored in a cabinet in an upright position. The dimensions would then be (W x D x H) 535mm x x 100mm x 335mm.

BeoSystem 3 Dedicated AV Processor Product Specifications

Cabinet finish

Mains voltage range

US/Japan 100 - 127 V +10 / -15% 50-60
EU 200 - 240 V +10 / -15% 50-60 Hz
Power consumption

EU: 43W / Standby 0.8W
US, JP, KOR : 37W / Standby 0,8W
Terminal included

Aspect ratio


Up to 1080P

480i, 480P, 576i, 576P, 720P, 1080i, 1080P
Viewing Formats

Format 1: 16/9 Panorama, 4/3
Format 2: Letterbox + Soft Scroll.
Format 3: 16/9


Adaptive Black, Blue Stretch, Comb filter, Digital Adaptive Dynamic Luminance Peaking, Digital Adaptive Noise Reduction, Digital Color Transient Improvement, Film Mode, Vertical Peaking, Automatic Picture Control, Source Quality Measurements, Dynamic Contrast

Level 2 1/2, 9 memory pages per programme.
2048 pages.
National character-set

EU: 99 programmes, autotune, programme move and automatic naming
Japan: Channel 1-62 and Channel C13-C38
US, Korea: Cable TV 1-125, Off Air TV 2-69

EU: B/G/L/L/I/D/K PAL, SECAM, NTSC on AV. According to type
Japan, US, Korea: NTSC (M)
Stereo decoders

EU: A2+Nicam Stereo
Japan: EIA-J Stereo
US: BTSC Stereo, SAP
Korea: A2 Stereo

O, 1, 2, 4, 5 ,6
Menu languages

EU: English, Danish, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Swedish
Japan, US, Korea: English
PIN-code protection

System modulator:

System modulator output to link room (BeoLink Video Distribution)
Frequency range

471 - 855 MHz (in 1 MHz step), Dual side band

Mono, FM sound system G : 5.5MHz or FM sound system I : 6MHz depending on setup.
Dolby® Digital Decoder:

Decoding capabilities

Dolby Digital 5.1/6.1 EX, Dolby 7.1 EX, Dolby Pro-Logic
ll/llx, DTS 5.1. DTS ES 6.1, DTS Neo:6,
Connections :
- Digital audio input
- External Beolab speakers

Peripheral Unit Controller:

Built in - (IR-blaster included).
Controlling sources and displays with Beo4

Supported sources: See list at BeoWise (via internet).

7 x mini jack

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