Beogram TX Record Deck

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Manufactured: 1983 - 1985
Designer: Jacob Jensen
Colours: Grey,

This was a re-badged Beogram 6002 but without the one way Datalink module.

It was fitted with the excellent MMC3 cartridge and could be used with other makes of amplifier. It was replaced by the much less substantial TX2.


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Beogram TX Record Deck Product Specifications

5651 (1983 - Jan 1985)
AUS 5655 (1983 - Sept 1984)
USA 5653 (1983 - Feb 1985)
Wow and flutter, DIN: < 0.07 %
Rumble weighted: > 70 dB
Rumble DIN unweighted: > 45 dB
Speeds: 33 - 45 rpm
Speed deviation: < 0.2 %
Tangential tracking: < 0.04°

Power supply:
5651: 220V
5653: 120V
5655: 240V
Power consumption: 17 W
Dimensions W x H x D: 49 x 9 x 37.5cm
Weight: 9 kg

Pickup: MMC 3
Recommended tracking force 1.2 g

Electronic Servo-Drive
Search function - backwards & forwards
Pickup sold as extra (depending on choice from MMC 1 - 5 range)
Link compatibility: Data Link

Created: 21st January 2007
Modified: 3rd March 2019

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