Beotalk 1400 Answerphone

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Manufactured: 1994 - 1998
Colours: Black

BeoTalk 1400 was a digital answering machine in combination with BeoCom 1400.

It incorporated BeoCom 1400 as the telephone; an additional unit for the answering machine was incorporated. The machine had the ability to record over five minutes of digital messages. It also featured remote control capabilities. The answer phone could be accessed remotely by a PIN code and programmed to switch itself on after between 1 and 4 rings and play back your pre-recorded messages.

The answering unit was the heart of the BeoTalk 1400 telephone. Because all messages were stored digitally - you needed no mechanical tape and the sound quality remained constantly high.[/B]

BeoCom 1401 was the replacement for BeoTalk 1400. The range was simple, straightforward and functional and at the same time offering incredible flexibility. It was possible to combine different colours with both a wall and table holder and to incorporate a volume control for Bang & Olufsen's Audio-Visual products.

BeoTalk 1401 combined a BeoCom 1401 telephone with a compact answering machine. It was operated using only four buttons and had a digital memory for five minutes and twenty seconds of speaking time.

Beotalk 1400 Answerphone Product Specifications

Gesamte Aufezichnungsdauer 5min 20sek
Länge des Ansagetextes max. 40 sek
Anzahl der Ansagetexte 1

Sprechezeit pro Anruf max. 40 sek
Maße des Anrufbeantworters inkl. Hörer (H/B/T) 176/122/131mm
Farbe blau / silber

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