BeoTalk 1100 Answerphone

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Manufactured: 1996 - 2000
Designer: Henrik Sorig Thomsen,
Colours: Silver

To look at, BeoTalk 1100 was identical to the BeoTalk 1200. This later model replaced BeoTalk 1100 in 1999.

This advanced answer machine had Caller ID, clock and digital technology. The answerphone could distinguish between calls and react differently to them. Deny access to selected numbers; switch to an individual message; show the identity of a caller who didn't leave a message... it was all in the capabilities of BeoTalk 1100.

Features: Caller ID with date and hour for the last 50 messages; Call rejection; 4 different outgoing messages; total speaking time of 10 minutes; indicator for line busy; indicator for unanswered calls; adjustable volume control; contrast adjustable display; clock; remote control.

BeoTalk 1100 Answerphone Product Specifications

Corded analogue answer machine
Dimensions WxHxD: 185 x 36 x 131mm
Weight (excluding adaptor): 500g
Finish: Aluminium
Placement: Wall or desktop
Announcement: 4 different
Total speech time: Up to 10 minutes for all. 1 speech max 5 minutes Caller ID with date and hour: 50 numbers

Local message
Dialling of Caller ID
Volume control
Rejection of calls
Indicator for line busy
Indicator for unanswered
Clock with date
Remote control

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Created: 21st January 2007
Modified: 10th February 2007

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