Beolit de Luxe FM TR36/38 Portable Radio

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Manufactured: 1961 - 1964
Colours: Rosewood, Teak

" Beolit de Luxe FM TR (36/38), the sensational new Danish transistor radio."

Housed in a beautiful cabinet of rose-wood or teak. The battery, protected by a plastic case, is easily and quickly replaceable. Large B&0 high quality loudspeaker assures superb tone quality. Beolit de Luxe FM TR has jacks for external aerial, external speaker, gramophone and tape recorder. Best, newest and most sensitive transistors obtainable in the world market.

Precision engineered ferrite aerial. Beolit de Luxe FM TR has unsurpassed dependability of operation, thanks to use of B&0 printed circuit boards throughout. The Beolit de Luxe FM TR is well-suited for use as a car radio. The Beolit de Luxe FM TR has a built-in Radicator (a small moving coil meter) that puts you in a position to check the condition of your battery at any time. The Radicator is also a tuning aid. The Beolit de Luxe FM TR may be used for direction finding.

Beolit de Luxe FM TR36/38 Portable Radio Product Specifications

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