Beolit 707 Portable Radio

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Manufactured: 1975 - 1981
Designer: Jacob Jensen
Colours: black, white, red, blue, beige

Beolit 707 received radio programmes on FM, long and medium wavebands. This portable radio was Bang & Olufsen's handiest music system. Its sound reproduction quality was so outstanding that it invites even critical music lovers to listen to music programmes when they are away from home.

Power input was specified at a pure 1 watt and frequency range was 65-20 000 Hz: exceptional for a transportable radio receiver. A large tuning scale with thumb wheels made tuning easy. Bass and treble was adjusted separately and there was an AFC facility to keep FM stations correctly tuned.

Beolit 707 could be plugged into the mains supply or run from batteries. The cabinet was finished in coloured Nextel - a synthetic material with a suede-like finish which is washable ands scratch-proof. It was designed by Jacob Jensen, the same as its FM-only sibling, Beolit 505.

The Beolit was one of the very few portable radios that were suitable for reproducing more than just news broadcasts. Sound quality was so good that music programmes could be reproduced with a quality that made them worth listening to. The Beolit was fitted with a mains transformer and a detachable lead. Operation was simple and problem-free. And since portable radios can end up in unenviable situations, the Beolit was constructed to withstand some rough treatment.

A robust chassis protects the internal circuitry and a special surface treatment protects the radio from scratches. Dirty marks were easily removed with a damp cloth.


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Beolit 707 Portable Radio Product Specifications

Type: 1515 (1975 - July 1981)

FM tuner 87.5 - 104 MHz
Sensitivity 26 dB < 1.2 µV / 75 ohms
AM tuner LW 147 - 350 kHz
AM tuner MW 520 - 1610 kHz

Power output at specified distortion 1000 Hz RMS: 1 W / 4 ohms
Speaker impedance 4 ohms
Harmonic distortion 1000 Hz, 50 mV output < 0.8% 1000 Hz at specified output < 2%
Frequency range +/- 1.5 dB 90 - 15,000 Hz

Dry cells: 5 batteries. 33 x 60.5mm
Voltage 220 - 240 V
Power consumption 0.7 - 5 W

Dimensions W x D x H: 36 x 22 x 6cm
Weight 2.91kg

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