Beolit 1000 Portable Radio

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Manufactured: 1968 - 1972
Designer: Jacob Jensen
Colours: Rosewood, Teak, Black Leather

This portable radio has a specification superior to those of most mains table models and is elegantly styled, with all the controls placed on the top panel.

The Beolit 1000 offers outstandingly fine reception: on all its five bands, distant stations tune in without noise and interference even when located on adjacent frequencies. The FM section features a separate dial drive and additional push-button selection of up to three pre-tunable FM stations. The extended Long Wave band includes the navigation bands, and on the SWII band (the 'Europe' band) you can find all the popular European entertainment stations. The built-in Short Wave expander permits you to spread stations for supreme ease of tuning. There are sockets for connection of an external aerial, extension speaker and external power supply.

The Beolit 1000 brings you external tonal quality. Audio output is 2.5 watts on the internal dry cells. Via a suitable mains converter the Beolit 1000 will deliver no less than 7.5 watts of audio output, making it ideally suited to use as a home radio set. It has individual bass and treble controls and gramophone and tape-recorder jacks.

You can use the Beolit 1000 in a car, with the specially designed lockable car-mounting bracket which operates on 6 or 12 volts and negative and positive earthing, and incorporates filters to suppress ignition interference. The bracket automatically cuts out the built-in power supply of the Beolit 1000 and cuts in the car battery, the car aerial and an extension speaker. When powered from the car battery the set will deliver 7.5 watts of audio output.

Available in teak, Brazilian rosewood and black goatskin finish. Dimensions: 201 mm high, 359 mm wide and 70 mm deep

In 1972 the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA) chose seven Bang & Olufsen products designed by Jacob Jensen to be included in their Design Collection as representing excellent examples of the Museum's criteria for quality and historical importance; design, in fact, which had influenced the twentieth century. Beolit 1000 was one of those seven products.

In 1968 Beolit 1000 won the prestigious iF Design award.


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Beolit 1000 Portable Radio Product Specifications

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