BeoCord VX4500 VHS VCR

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Manufactured: 1990 - 1991
Designer: David Lewis

Beocord VX4500, Type 4535 was a basic version of the BeoCord VX5000. It lost the digital video effects but looked very similar outwardly.


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BeoCord VX4500 VHS VCR Product Specifications

4560 (1990 - Oct 1991)
AUS, A2 4567 (1990 - Oct 1991)
East, A2, VPS 4563 (1990 - Oct 1991)
GB 4562 (1990 - Oct 1991)
GB, Nicam 4569 (1990 - Oct 1991)
HK, GB 4568 (1990 - Oct 1991)
Nicam, A2 4561 (1990 - Oct 1991)
Nicam, A2, VPS 4564 (1990 - Oct 1991)

Description: Cassette format VHS
Tape heads 3 video, 2 Hi-Fi audio
TV channels VHF band 46 - 300 MHz
Hyper-band 300 - 470 MHz
UHF channels 21 - 69
Number of programmes 99
Play channel UHF 37 (adjustable 30 - 39)
Sound, compatible normal/Hi-Fi Stereo, Hi-Fi sound

Decoder TV stereo
A2 built-in (Not in type 4532/38)
Decoder bilingual sound A2 built-in (Not in type 4532/38)

Max. playing time, audio/video: 4 hrs, E240
Max. playing time, audio only 8 hrs, E-240
Fast forward and rewind Approx. 6 min. E240
Counter Tape counter, remaining time
Time programming 8 programmes up to a year

Slow motion video tape Variable speed
Still picture video tape Noiseless
Search forward: 5 x normal speed
Search rewind: 5 x normal speed
Index search Track no., digital picture index
Tape speed VTR 23.39 mm/sec.
Tape speed ATR 11.7 mm/sec.
Recording system HQ

Frequency range black/white: 2.5 MHz
Signal-to-noise ratio luminance 47 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio chrominance Amplitude modulation 38 dB
Pulse modulation 50 dB

Placement min. height: 22 cm
Dimensions W x H x D 54 x 8.5 x 30 cm
Weight 9.1 kg

Connections: RF in 75 ohms
RF out 75 ohms
AV Link 21-pin
AV decoder 21-pin
Camera pause Jack
Remote sensor Jack
Headphone Jack
Microphone Jack

Created: 21st January 2007
Modified: 29th January 2007

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