BeoCord VHS91.2 VHS VCR

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Manufactured: 1986 - 1990

With Beocord VHS 91.2 Bang & Olufsen created a stereo video tape recorder which, in 1987, was close to studio equipment in terms of sound and picture quality. And when it came to design, operation and uses it was a natural, integrated part of home entertainment and communication.

Beocord VHS91.2 could record up to four hours of video or eight hours of stereo hi-fi sound on just the one four-hour tape. And it could of course be remote-controlled regardless of which Bang & Olufsen TV and music system you put it to work with.

The many picture functions included such things as distortion-free single frame pictures, play back just one picture at a time, 'flickerless' breaks between recordings and automatic picture search with the help of the tape counter. And Beocord VHS91.2 could also be programmed to record daily or weekly for an unlimited period of time.

With a completely new recording technique and one built-in stereo decoder, Beocord VHS 91.2 provided unlimited possibilities for combining TV, video and music systems, such as recording stereo simulcasts.

In terms of design, colours and uses, Beocord VHS 91.2 was created to harmonise with Beovision MX2000. And the same remote control Terminal could be used to control both units.

BeoCord VHS91.2 VHS VCR Product Specifications

4500 (1986 - Aug 1989)
GB 4502 (1986 - May 1989)
MULTI 4505 (1986 - Aug 1989)
VPS 4503 (1986 - Jan 1990)

Description: TV system I (4502)
B/G all Band + UHF (4500, 4503)
Colour system PAL/SECAM east modified (4500, 4503)
PAL (4502)
Cassette format VHS
Remote control system Built-in for Video and Audio terminal
Tape heads 3 video, 2 Hi-Fi audio
Sound, compatible normal/Hi-Fi Stereo, Hi-Fi sound
Max. playing time, audio/video 4 hours, E-240
Max. playing time, audio only 8 hours, E-240
Fast forward and rewind Approx. 6 min. E-240
Relative humidity: 30-80 %
Dimensions W x H x D: 40 x 10.5 x 37.5 cm
Weight 10 kg

Step advance 1 frame
Search forward 4 x normal speed
Search rewind 4 x normal speed
Counter Electronic, 4 digits
TV channels All band: VHF 2 - 12, S-channels 46 - 300 MHz, UHF 21 - 69 (4500)
UHF 21 - 69 (4502)
All band: VHF 2 - 12, S-channels 46 - 300 MHz, UHF 21 - 69 (4503)
Play channel UHF 37 (adjustable 30-39)
Number of programmes 39
Time programming 3 programming up to 14 days in advance, or daily, + 1 weekly

Power supply
220V (4491)
240V (4492)
220V (4493)

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Modified: 10th February 2007

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