Manufactured: 1986 - 1988
Colours: Red, Black, Grey, White

Beocord VHS 82 was Bang & Olufsen's 1987 addition to the stereo video cassette recorder line-up with up to four hours of video playing time and eight hours of hi-fi quality stereo sound on just one video tape!

In terms of design, colours and uses, Beocord VHS 82 was created to harmonise with Beovision MX2000. And the same remote control Video Terminal could be used to control both units. Control was so integrated that the TV screen acted as an open instruction manual for the video cassette recorder.

All of the functions on Beocord VHS 82 were described and stored on 'menus' that were brought to the screen with the assistance of the Terminal. This step-by-step instruction ensured fast, faultless operation. So even things like presetting channels, time programming and picture search were as easy as was possible. And although the special menu operation was only possible in connection with the latest TV generations from Bang & Olufsen, Beocord VHS82 was an ideal video supplement for ant TV.

The fact that Beocord VHS 82 could take its place as a technically superior audio tape recorder in any music system emphasizes just how outstanding this stereo video recorder was.


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BeoCord VHS82 VHS VCR Product Specifications

4510 (1986 - May 1988)
GB 4512 (1986 - May 1988)
VPS 4513 (1986 - May 1988)

Description: TV system B/G All band + UHF (4510)
I UHF band (4512)
B/G All band + UHF (4513, 4517)
Colour TV PAL
Cassette format VHS
Remote control system Via Beovision LX 2800/MX 2000
Sound, compatible normal/Hi-Fi Stereo, Hi-Fi sound
Stereo decoder Stereo and bilingual TV
VPS, Video Programming System No (4510)
No (4512)
Yes (4513, 4517)
Max. playing time, audio/video 4 hours, E-240
Max. playing time, audio only 8 hours, E 240
Fast forward and rewind Approx. 5 min. E-240
Still picture Max. 8 minutes
Step advance Typically 4 frames (2-10)

Play reverse Normal speed
Search forward 3 and 7 x normal speed
Search rewind 7 x normal speed
Counter Electronic, 4 digits
TV channels All band: VHF 2-12, S channels 105-168, 231-287 MHz, UHF 21-69, (4510)
UHF 21-69 (4512)
All band: VHF 2-12, S channels 105-168, 231-287 MHz, UHF 21-69, (4513, 4517)

Play channel: UHF 37, (adjustable 30-40)
Number of TV programmes 35 + AV
Time programming Max. 2-4 programmes: up to 31 days, in advance, daily or weekly
Programmed end time Intervals of 30 mins

Power supply: 220V

Placement, min. height: 20cm
Ambient temperature +10/+35 degrees
Relative humidity 30/80%
Dimensions W x H x D: 42 x 8.4 x 32.5cm
Weight 7.5 kg

Connections: A/V, audio/video socket 21-pin
Audio IN/OUT sockets 4 phono plugs
RF IN 75 ohms
RF OUT 75 ohms

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Modified: 10th February 2007

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