BeoCord VCR60 V2000 VCR

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Manufactured: 1983 - 1985

The next stage in B&O's foray into the V2000 technology, this machine was based on a Grundig machine and was not sold in the UK.


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BeoCord VCR60 V2000 VCR Product Specifications

Type: 4451 (1983 - Jan 1985)
F 4454 (1983 - Jan 1985)
Oscar 4453 (1983 - Jan 1985)

Power consumption in ON 45W
Power consumption in STANDBY 10W
Ambient temperature +10 to + 35 degrees
Relative humidity 30 - 80 %
Maximum playing time 2 x 4 hours with VCC 480
Wind/rewind time <160 sec. with VCC 480
Dimensions 43.8 x 27.4 x 11.7cm
Weight: 8 kg Position of normal end use horizontal: max. 15°
Number of programmes 35 + AV
Number of pre-programmable blocks 5
Maximum period for pre-programming 31 days or every day

Adjustable modulation frequency
Channel 30 - 40 (560-640 MHz)
Output voltage 3 mV (RMS) +/- 3 dB

Connections: A/V socket 21-pin SCART
AUDIO socket 6-pin DIN
RF IN 75 ohms
RF OUT 75 ohms

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Modified: 28th January 2007

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