BeoCord V6000 VHS VCR

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Manufactured: 1993 - 1998
Designer: David Lewis
Colours: Black

Beocord V6000 was a hi-fi stereo video cassette recorder designed to work with Beovision models ME6000 and MS6000.

Together they formed an integrated unit in which TV and video cassette recorder automatically share all commands and can be operated by the same remote control. This combination was designed to be used as a standalone TV/VCR combination. The VCR had all playback facilities as any standard VCR. It also had VPS/PDC and NTSC playback. The video recorder was controlled via a Beolink 1000 handset through the Beovision television.

Bang & Olufsen's new generation of TV and video systems at the time that the V6000 was released, made it simpler an more comfortable to watch TV. All data stored in the TV: time and programme channels, were automatically stored in the VCR as well. The same applied when you connected your TV and video recorder to a Beolink system - the clocks on the various units within the system were automatically synchronised.

BeoCord V6000 VHS VCR Product Specifications

EU 4401 1993 - May 98
GB 4409 1993 - May 1998
VPS 4403 1993 - May 1998
Dimensions WxHxD/Weight: 43,5 x 10 x 37cm/6kg
Cabinet finish: Black
Terminal recommended via Beovision: Beolink 1000
Tuner range VHF-S-Hyper-UHF
CTV system B/G PAL
PAL I (4409)
TV programmes 59
Stereo decoder NICAM + A2
A2 (4403)
Recording system HQ
Slow video 1/6 x normal speed
Still picture Noiseless
Tape counter Track, time left, time used

Synchronous Programme Recording: PDC/VPS compatible
Timer programming: 8, 1 year
Video playing time, E-240 SP 4 hours, LP 8 hours
Power consumption 22 watts/9 watts
Sound system: Hi-fi stereo
Subtitles from Teletext: Yes
On screen display: Yes
Playback tapes recorded in NTSC 4.43 MHz, mono sound
Fast forward and rewind Approx. 95 sec. E-180
Search forward/backward 3 x and 11 x normal speed
Video Playing time E-240: SP 4 hours, LP 8 hours (NTSC SP/EP)
Audio Playing time E-240: LP 8 hours
Power supply: 180-240 volts/50 Hz
Connections: AV EURO-AV, Beovision 21-pin
AUX, decoder 21-pin
RF input 75 ohms
RF output 75 ohms

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