BeoCom 9000 GSM Cellular Mobile Telephone

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Manufactured: 1993 - 1994

Telephones are for speaking into and for listening to, but why stop at that? When Bang & Olufsen developed their own, they were built on the accumulated knowledge of natural sound, the durability of materials and of logical operation and function.

Beocom 9000 was one of Bang & Olufsen's mobile telephones. It was available in two models that used either the NMT network or the pan-European GSM network. The size of a glasses case and weighing under 300 grams, Beocom 9000 performed with the longest talk time on the market at the time of its introduction, relative to its weight

BeoCom 9000 GSM Cellular Mobile Telephone Product Specifications

Category: Cellular
Standard: GSM 900
Dimensions WxHxD:
Weight : 295 g. with standard battery
Finish : Dark blue
Acoustic principle for speaker Bass Reflex
Memory (Phonebook): SIM card
Redial: 6 number
Features: Volume control
Microphone mute
Phone lock.
Battery low warning.
Call Forward.
Ringer settings
DTMF ( tone )
Accessories: Standard battery (NiCd) 400 mAh.
plus battery (NiCd) 950 mAh.
High Capacity battery (NiCd) 1400 mAh.
Hands free car kit.
Portable hands free kit.
Basic Charger 230 V
Advance charge
Travel charger
Country Specifications
Country Type
Country Code
Country Specifications:
Europe 1511

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