BeoCom 4 Cordless DECT Telephone

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Manufactured: 2003 - present
Designer: Henrik Sørig Thomsen
Colours: Blue, Beige, Black

"BeoCom 4 is a new cordless telephone which distinguishes itself through simplicity and ease of operation. It has at its disposal all essential operations such as a combined redial and last-caller list and built-in telephone book and is nonetheless is easy & intuitive to use via the familiar user-friendly BeoCom 6000 telephone book wheel. With excellent B&O sound quality the voice of the caller is so naturally reproduced that you recognise it immediately. Design and sound quality complement each other making BeoCom 4 comfortable to use even for long calls. "


BeoCom 4 is a cordless telephone based on simplicity, ease-of-use and no-nonsense functionality. It has all relevant functions, such as a combined redial list, Caller ID list and Phonebook. Operation and installation is simple: just plug it into a telephone socket and it's ready to use. All functions can be easily and intuitively accessed using the innovative wheel along with four extra keys. These are located on the handset for easy access by the user's thumb, the 'clear' key lies separately to ensure quick access. Only the most relevant telephone functions, Phonebook, Caller ID and Redial are excluded. Eight ringtones are available to choose from.

BeoCom 4's excellent sound quality is produced by the interaction of an innovative loudspeaker unit with digital sound processors. The voice on the other end of the line is reproduced in a more sophisticated and authentic way. The phone's stylish, cylindrical shape blends well with any environment and both the handset and base units are manufactured from robust materials with three different metal-pigmented colours.

This phone was introduced as a 'budget' cordless (DECT) model. However, because it is not GAP-compliant, users are not able to use it in conjunction with the other two 'system phones' -BeoCom 2 and BeoCom 6000. BeoCom 4 can thus only be used as a 'stand alone' phone.

BeoCom 4 - Press Release February 2003

[I]Straight talk in focus - New BeoCom 4 cordless telephone offers simplicity in daily use

Building on the belief that less sometimes is more, the new BeoCom 4 cordless telephone puts straight talking and no-nonsense functions in focus. Standing upright, this two-component handset and base combination offers convenient plug-and-talk functionality. One handset, one base, one easy setup. Just connect to your telephone outlet and the mains and you’re in business.

"The BeoCom 4 handset weighs only 120 grams and operation takes place primarily through the raised wheel located on the handset. Just turn the wheel with your thumb, and leaf simply and easily through the BeoCom 4’s built-in Phonebook and Calls list. Once found, the press of a single button allows you to call whomever appears in the illuminated display", explains Peter Eckhardt, Managing Director of Bang & Olufsen Telecom.

Standing strong - together or apart

Asymmetrically divided into two halves, the BeoCom 4 base and handset offer a high level of design-wise interaction. Placed together, the two components form an upright cylinder, standing tall. When apart, these two components offer two separate, fully functioning visual identities.

"High-quality sound reproduction from the built-in loudspeaker is ensured by a combination of Bang & Olufsen skills in acoustics and advanced digital signal processing. We strive to ensure that you experience the caller’s voice as clearly as you do when you speak face-to-face," continues Eckhardt.

Utilising the DECT cordless telephone standard, the user may travel with his or her BeoCom 4 up to 300 meters outdoors or 50 meters indoors from the base without losing functionality or a drop in sound quality. The optional extra belt clip with headset provides a very high degree of cordless, hands-free freedom. The headset, consisting of a loudspeaker and microphone, is built upon the same design idea as Bang & Olufsen’s A8 earphones, where individual adaptation to each user is in focus.

The handset is ergonomically designed with the aim of being pleasant to hold, even during long phone calls. Moulded in high-quality ABS plastic, the BeoCom 4 features a smooth and durable surface, ensured by an extensive UV lacquering process, which produces a highly scratch-resistant surface.

BeoCom 4 Cordless DECT Telephone Product Specifications

System: Cordless telephone - DECT
Dimensions (W x H x D):
- handset 45 x 150 x 25 mm
- base with handset: Ø 60 x H 160 mm
Weight of handset: 120g
Colours: Blue, black, beige
Placement of base: Table
Capacity (standby / talk time): 150 h / 12 h
Charging time: 4 h
- indoor: Up to 50 m
- outdoor: Up to 300 m
Phonebook: 200 numbers and names Calls List (Caller ID and Redial): 24 numbers and names
Dialling of Caller ID number: yes
Indicator for line busy: yes
Indicator for unanswered calls: yes
Volume control: yes
Microphone mute: yes
Display of call duration: yes
Keypad lock: yes
Alarm for low battery: yes
Ringer settings: yes (8)
Light in display activated by operation: yes
Menu languages: yes, 10
Full graphic display: yes
Headset connection: yes
Optional extra: Belt clip for handset

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