Beocom 2100 Telephone

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Manufactured: 1999 - 2001
Designer: Lone and Gideon Lindinger-Loewy
Colours: Grey, Lilac, Black, Turquoise

Good business is also about good communication. The telephone and the computer are important work tools for any business. As they sit side-by-side on your desk anyway, it makes sense to connect them and extend the capabilities of both. With BeoCom 2100, when a customer calls your business, his file on your computer's database is automatically displayed. (The phone was not available in the UK).

BeoCom 2100 has a capacity for up to 250 individual entries, dependent upon the length of the telephone number and name. These can also be accessed and edited directly via the computer screen. The Caller ID function requires connection to a direct line

A matter of choice

BeoCom 2100 is a telephone for the home office, the small business or anything in between. It's the first telephone to be built specifically around the services offered by the telephone companies and gives you one-button access to the services and functions you use the most

Functions and options

But it's not only the improved access to external services that makes BeoCom 2100 a special telephone; it contains its own 250 name and number electronic telephone book and includes a headset connection and the opportunity for hands free operation

ISDN enhanced by Beoline 1200

The role of BeoCom 2100 in an office setting is further enhanced when it's combined with a Beoline 1200 adapter. This makes it possible for traditional analogue equipment to communicate digitally via an ISDN connection

Available in: Denmark, Netherlands and Sweden (2001) - Not available in the UK

Beocom 2100 Telephone Product Specifications

Dimensions W x H x D: 210 x 80 x 210 mm
Weight: 935 g (handset 135 g)
Colours: Black, blue, green
Placement: Table
Caller ID with date and hour: 24 numbers and names
Memory (Phonebook): 250 numbers with names
Redial: 24 numbers and names
Quick call / service: 5 buttons
Extended redial: yes
Hands-free function: yes
Dialling of Caller ID number: yes Indicator for line busy: yes
Indicator for unanswered calls: yes
Listening- in: yes Volume control: yes
Microphone mute: yes
Display of call duration: yes
Ringer settings: yes
Contrast adjustment in display: yes
Supports supplementary services: yes
Prepared for Computer Telephony Integration: yes
Headset connection: yes

Headset: yes
PC Interface: yes
Note that caller ID and supplementary services may need subscription

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Created: 20th January 2007
Modified: 10th February 2007

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