High Fidelity Stereo Amplifier 608

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Manufactured: 1961 - 1964
Designer: Ib Fabiansen
Colours: Blue, Rosewood

" Truly outstanding performance is yours with this obsolescence-proof Hi-Fi stereo amplifier. It has two channels for both stereo and conventional sound reproduction from gramophone, radio, tape recorder and microphone. It is 'prepared' for coming stereo broadcasts. It can be connected to all current types of pickups. It has a special dial which displays the frequency response characteristic in use for any given setting of the tone control.


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High Fidelity Stereo Amplifier 608 Product Specifications

B&O High Fidelity Stereo Amplifier Technical Specifications
For Power amplifier: SSF B 300 C 200. For grid bias supply and preamplifier: SSF E 60 C 160
Power Consumption: 75 W
Preamplifier: Interchangeable printed circuit boards. 4-stage transistor preamplifier with low-noise input transistors, bass and treble controls, volume control.
Transistors: One AC 107 and three AC 126. Distortion:
Less than 0.5 % below 10 W, less than 2 % at 15 W per channel.
Frequency Response:
20-20,000 c/s -L 1 dB, falling off towards 100 Kc/s without resonance peaks.
Input and Sensitivity at 1000 c/s and 5 W output per channel:
1. Gramophone: B&O stereo pickup: sensitivity 2 mV, frequency response curve according to DIN standard 45547. By interchanging the adaptor, the gramophone input can be converted into input for crystal pickup: sensitivity 50 mV. Low-impedance pickup: sensitivity 0.5 mV
2. Tape Recorder: Sensitivity 100 mV,
linear frequency response curve.
3. Microphone 50-200 ohms: sensitivity
160 [1 V, linear frequency response curve.
4. Radio: Sensitivity 50 mV, linear frequency response curve.
Mains Voltage:
220 volts AC. Mains transformer can be switched for operation from 110-volt AC mains.
Cross talk between Channels: - 50 dB. Fuses:
For 220-volt operation: 630 mA rating, Type slow blow. For 110-volt operation: 1.0-ampere rating, Type slow blow.
Noise Level:
- 60 dB (total noise approx. 1000 times less than signal).
Tone Control:
Bass Control: + 12 dB - 12 dB at 50 c/s Treble Control: + 12 dB - 12 dB at 10 Kc/s.
Scratch Filter: - 3 dB at 5 Kc/s, - 12 dB at 7 Kc/s, - 22 dB at 10 Kc/s.
Rumble Filter: - 2 dB at 50 c/s, - 12 dB at 30 c/s, - 22 dB at 20 c/s.
Output Power:
2X15 watts. Output voltage: 4 ohms
7.75 volts, 16 ohms - 15.5 volts at full drive. No change in output voltage at load impedance higher than the one chosen.
Power Amplifier:
One ECC 83 (two amplifier stages, one for each channel), four ECL 85's (amplifier stages, phase inverters, and push-pull output stages). neg. feedback: 16 dB
Output Impedances: 4 ohms and 16 ohms
Dimensions: 465 mm wide, 180 mm high, 208 mm deep

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