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Manufactured: 2005 - 2006
Designer: David Lewis
Colours: Black, Silver

HDR1 (types 4640, 4641, 4642) is a stand-alone hard-disk recorder in the same style as the DVD1 / BeoCord V8000 VCR.

It is available in black or silver only. With a capacity of 80GB this allows the user to record off-air around 20 to 120 hours of recording time depending on the quality of reproduction required. With HDR1 it is possible to ‘stream’ TV, digital satellite or digital terrestrial content through HDR1 and is fitted complete with a Set -Top Box Controller connection. This allows users the freedom to choose either Sky Digital or Freeview STBs and revise that choice at sometime in the future.

HDR1 offers two levels of operation: it can be used to record programmes in the same way as BeoCord V8000, using either timer or instant recordings. In addition it offers new recording features such as pausing and rewinding live transmissions or even simultaneous recording and playback of a programme. Users have the possibility to create different groups for their recordings and the content of the disc will appear on-screen and accessed, or edited, using the Beo4 remote-control.

HDR1 Upgrade

With the launch of HDR2, the storage capacity of HDR1 may be increased to that of a 250GB hard-drive. This will allow the storage of up to 126 hours of standard quality recordings or 59 hours of high quality recordings. Note that this upgrade will not offer any software changes so customers will not benefit from the new split function or the new eight storage groups.

Part numbers:

HDR1 Black 1464006

HDR1 Silver 1464005

HDR1 Press Release - January 2005

Bang & Olufsen has now released the HDR1 hard-disk recorder, a product that simplifies many of the traditional video recording tasks, and introduces stunning new features. Hard disc recording effectively replaces the videotape as a means of temporary storage, providing better quality of recording and greater flexibility for the user.

The HDR1 hard disc recorder offers up to 45 hours of storage, with a segment of the hard disc continuously recording on a loop of up to 2 hours. This “Replay” feature offers the possibility of cueing back or pausing a live transmission if viewing is interrupted. In addition, a new programme can be recorded at the same time as an already recorded programme is playing.

Never change the tape!

Hard disc recording is the way forward for temporary video storage. There is much more space on the hard disc than on a tape, and in principle the “tape” is always rewound, ready to record. The HDR1 hard disc recorder records from any source that is supported by the TV.

The flexibility provided by the HDR1 hard disc recorder is exceptional. When watching a film on TV with the HDR1 switched on, the buffer is constantly recording what is on the screen. At any point during the film – as long as this is within the two-hour limit of the buffer – the viewer can decide to record and save the film on the hard disc. Simply 'rewind” the recording, and HDR1 will then record the entire film to the hard disc, while the viewer continues to watch the film.

One-touch playback

One of the great benefits of using the HDR1 hard disc recorder is the ability to play back and record at the same time. The latest recording always appears first on the menu, and pressing just one button on the Beo4 remote control automatically plays back the most recent recording.

“This is a very convenient function, if you are home late and want to catch up on the news, or perhaps you want to watch last night’s football game,” says Torben Ballegaard Sørensen, CEO, Bang & Olufsen; “Attention to the reality of how we interact and what we actually do with our home entertainment systems typifies Bang & Olufsen’s approach. The HDR1 hard disc recorder offers a genuine step up from the traditional video tape recorder, at the same time as recognising what we like to use our videos for.”

The two quality settings dictate how much recording ‘space’ there is on the hard disc. The ‘High Quality’ setting offers DVD quality, and provides almost 20 hours of recording time; the ‘Standard Quality’ setting offers recording quality equivalent to Super VHS and 45 hours of recording.

Recognisably Bang & Olufsen

The HDR 1 hard disc recorder offers a user experience and physical presence that match other Bang & Olufsen video products, such as the DVD 1 and the V8000 video tape recorder. The dimensions of the cabinet ensure a rapid and effective heat transfer away from the hard disc. The comparatively noiseless hard disc and the extra space provided for the fan means that the HDR 1 in operation is barely audible. “Our customers remain loyal to Bang & Olufsen, because our products constantlyprovide them with enjoyment and delight. The things the customer never notices, such as the effective temperature control and heat transfer of HDR 1, ensure a product life that exceeds expectations in much of the current market for consumer electronics” concludes Torben Ballegaard Sørensen.

With the Beo4 remote control in hand, using the new features provided by the HDR1 hard disc recorder is immediate and direct. When managing content on the hard disc, the onscreen menus offer ease and simplicity. Of course, the Beo4 remote control is the one remote control for all Bang & Olufsen audio and video products, controlling all equipment throughout the home through our Beolink home integration system.

HDR1 Product Specifications

HDR 1 Specifications:
Designer David Lewis
Dimensions W x H x D

38 x 9.7 x 28 cm


4.0 kg

Cabinet finish

Black; Silver

Power supply

195 - 265 volts/50/60 Hz

Power consumption

typical 21 watts /ST-by < 1 watts

Terminal recommended via Beovision




Record and playback
Playing time

High Q, 20 hours / Standard Q, 45 hours

Number of timer recordings 15

Analogue audio (Mono, A2, Nicam)


Nationale language on menus (UK, D, F, I, E, NL, DK, S)


Typical 110 dB, A weighted, in Audio mode

Set top box controller (STB-C)



AV Link 21-pin socket


AV Link 21-pin socket

Y/C Input

Mini DIN, 4-p

Tuner in


Splitter out


Data input Mini-jack

Mains plug

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Created: 20th January 2007
Modified: 12th February 2007

Author Notes:

HDR1 manual recording - notes for the following TVs:

BeoVision MX 4000 Beo4 - 78xx

BeoVision MX 4000 IT - 787x

Beovision MX 4000 MK II - 33xx

BeoVision MX 4000 NT - 872x

BeoVision MX 4002 Beo4 - 784x

BeoVision MX 4002 IT - 784x

Beovision MX 4002 MK II - 873x

BeoVision MX 4002 NT - 78xx BeoVision MX 6000 Beo4 - 781x

BeoVision MX 6000 IT - 33xx

Beovision MX 6000 MK II - 871x

BeoVision MX 6000 NT - 78xx

BeoVision MX 7000 Beo4 - 780x

BeoVision MX 7000 IT - 33xx

Beovision MX 7000 MK II - 870x

BeoVision MX 7000 NT - 4640-41-42

The following text is additional to the HDR1 User's Guide:

If you have connected HDR1 to BeoVision MX4000, MX 4002, MX6000 or MX7000 television, you can only make a manual recording via the HDR1 main menu, as described on page 17 of the HDR1 User's Guide.

Do not press the RECORD button on Beo4 twice! In such a setup, manual recording is only possible for:

- TV programs via the HDR 1 built-in tuner (V.TUNER)

- Sources connected to HDR1.

To record any other source, make a Timer recording as described on page 14 of the HDR1 User's Guide.

If HDR 1 is connected to one of the televisions listed above, and you press RECORD twice, the system my lock-up. To unlock the system, disconnect the television and HDR1 from the mains and reconnect them again.

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