Dirigent Tuner/Amplifier

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Manufactured: 1962 - 1964
Designer: Ib Fabiansen

The Dirigent was the first 'designer hi-fi system' and included a choice of components to make up a personalised stereo system.

" You simply have to see the Dirigent and try it out for yourself if you are to realize fully what this remarkable set will do for you. The Dirigent is a compact combination stereo amplifier and FM radio with fantastic control facilities. With it, you can control from any place in the room a wide range of entertainment equipment: the built-in speakers of TV and radio receivers, a tape recorder, a record player as well as a B&O echo unit and additional external speakers, in both monaural and stereo reproduction.

The stereo amplifier delivers approx. 4 watts of output power on either channel (2x4 watts in monaural reproduction) and the obsolescence-proof FM radio (prepared for coming stereo broadcasts) has extra high sensitivity, automatic frequency control, magic eye, three stages of IF amplification, etc.

The Dirigent has been acclaimed by hi-fi and stereo enthusiasts now at last they have an ideal chance of composing a really versatile entertainment system. The long low elegant shape of the cabinet (available in teak or rosewood) and its small physical dimensions (481 mm wide, 253 mm deep, 113 mm high) make it easy to place wherever convenient. "

The Dirigent component system - Beosystem Dirigent - won the iF Design Award in 1963.

Dirigent Tuner/Amplifier Product Specifications


Knobs: Volume control, bass control, treble control, balance control, FM tuning with microcontacts to deactivate automatic frequency control; Echo switch with contacts to deactivate automatic frequency control; Function selector with 5 positions:
EM, FMa, FMb, Gr and tape recorder. Pushbutton switch with 4 positions: On/off, built-in speakers, side speakers external speakers
Wave range: 87.5 - 108.5 Mc/s ( 3.4 - 2.8 m). Rectifier: B 250 C 185
Power consumption: 80 W
Side speaker impedance: 3-5 ohms
External speaker impedance: 3 - 5 ohms
Dimensions of cabinet: 481 mm long. 253 mm deep. 113 mm high
Detector: Ratio detector
IF: 10.7 Mcls, 8 circuits (3 bandpass filters). Mains voltage: 110/220 volts AC
Dial lamps: Two Type 8024 6.3-volt 0.3 ampere lamps
Fuses: One 0.8-ampere normal-acting fuse; one 10ampere rapid-acting fuse
Signal-to-noise ratio: 26 dB at 2 microvolts. 22.5 kc/s deviation.
Output power: 2 x 4 W max.
Sockets for: Aerial, tape recorder, external speakers, echo unit, gramophone, radio, side speaker and TV speaker
Aerial impedance: 75 ohms
Mains socket for TV set
Weight: 8.1 kg

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