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Hi-fi cabinets MC20, MC30 and MC40 were designed to house your separate Bang & Olufsen hi-fi components, thus transforming them into physically-integrated music systems.

They made your hi-fi equipment easier to install as well as offering some protection from dust and accidental knocks. Bang & Olufsen hi-fi cabinets were built and finished to the highest standards of Danish furniture craftsmanship. Every surface - inside, outside and at the rear - was veneered with rich grained natural wood. The classic design complemented all types of home decor and accommodated most Beosystems.

Apart from space for the major hi-fi components, the music cabinets had room for headphones, records, cassette tapes, record cleaners etc. The product compartments could be pulled out to allow greater accessibility.

Because all surfaces were finished to the same excellent standard, the music cabinets could be used as room dividers or allowed to stand freely anywhere in a room.

Although the cabinets could house several separate units, each of which required mains current supply, only one cable need be visible. The others were hidden in special channels inside the cabinet. So too were the leads which connected the products together.

MC Storage Cabinets Product Specifications

Hi-fi cabinet MC30 dimensions: 63 x 86 x 40,5cm
Finishes: teak, rosewood, oak

Hi-fi cabinet MC20 had the same compact dimensions and advantages of the MC30, but it was also finished in a hard-wearing two-component lacquer. Dirty marks could be wiped off with a damp cloth.
Colours: black, white

Hi-fi cabinet MC40. To allow greater accessibility, the products were placed on smooth-sliding shelves. MC40 made advanced hi-fi components easy to install and even easier to live with at home.
Dimensions: 63 x 137 x 40,5cm
Finishes: teak, rosewood, oak

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Modified: 13th February 2007

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