Bottle Opener by Holger Krogh

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Manufactured: 1937 - present
Designer: Holger Krogh

The most-produced B&O product! "Here's to you! The only Bang & Olufsen product money can't buy!

From the very beginning, 60 years ago, Peter Bang and Sven Olufsen stuck to the principles of functional design, perfect performance and exquisite craftsmanship. This has inspired a great many people, and among these a young man called Holger Krogh. Originally a railway engineer he was later employed by Bang & Olufsen in Struer where he in his spare time created this eye-catching opener - using the fundamental B&O principles. That was in 1937 and the opener's design is still the same after all these years. So are the fundamental ideas of Bang & Olufsen.

Just goes to show that the good things in life are timeless!

The Bang & Olufsen bottle opener has been around in various guises since 1937. The red-coloured package containing a bottle opener stems from the early 1990's - given away free as 'the only Bang & Olufsen product that money really couldn't buy!' The present-day variety is the same as it always was, but is presented in a matt black holder instead.

Finish: polished stainless steel

Dimensions/weight: 85 x 37mm / 25g

Bottle Opener by Holger Krogh Product Specifications

Came in various "Card" Holders - the red holder as pictured being quite rare. The Dark Grey (current) version is available from every man and his dog! - Prices for these on ebay are usually between £5-10, but if you're a good customer at your local B&O store you ought to get one for free!!

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Created: 20th January 2007
Modified: 15th February 2007

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