A9 Keyring

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Manufactured: 2000 - present
Colours: Satin Alu/Black (-2003)/Polished Alu/Black (2003-)

Bang & Olufsen's A9 Keyring (Type 2152 introduced 2000) was not the first keyring to be introduced by Bang & Olufsen. There were two other designs in the early 1990's, one of which was designed by Georg Jensen. However, today's keyring - the A9 - is also a robust, miniature remote control as well as a modern design icon. With it you are able to turn on the radio, TV and lights as you step through the door and switch everything off again as you leave! It's a new and interesting variation on the Beolink® theme. By integrating basic functions into such a small, portable unit, this useful accessory is a 'must have' addition to any Beolink® system.

The primary function is to enable the user to turn on or off light controls (LC1 or LC2) when leaving or entering the house without having to find the full size Beolink® terminal first.

Keyring A9 makes the use of light controls far more convenient and effectively ends the problem of searching for light switches in the dark. As the primary function, the light button, which is pressed briefly for on and longer for off, is located next to the hole for the Keyring, so that it can be located quickly by touch alone. The other functions work in the same way and will control any television or audio system that uses a Beolink-type terminal, which in practice is Beovision L2800 and later, and Beosystem 5500 or Beocenter 9000 and later. As an extended function, pressing the centre of the Keyring will turn off all your newer Bang & Olufsen equipment in one go.

Keyring A9 was updated in December 2003. The steel shells are now made in polished steel, similar to the BeoSound 2, and battery life has been improved by modifying the keyboard in order to avoid unwanted activation while in the pocket or purse. Additionally, the shape of the audio, video and light buttons have been changed and the ‘All Stand-by’ function has been moved from the centre to the edge of the operation area. Price and Type Number was changed. The label on the box now reads ‘Accessory 2152 A9 Update’.

A9 Keyring Product Specifications

Keyring Specifications:

Finish: polished steel
Dimensions: 48 x 17mm
Weight: 35g
Batteries: 3 X LR44 (A76)
Function: remote control
Features: on/off (audio, video, light)

Product updated Dec 2003 (software & polished finish)

Created: 16th January 2007
Modified: 23rd January 2007

Author Notes:

Inside Keyring A9 shots - (photos courtesy of Eric Engelbrecht)

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