Earset 2 Bluetooth Headset

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Manufactured: 2006 - present
Designer: Anders Hermansen
Colours: Black/Silver only

EarSet 2

Have a proper conversation

The sound quality has to be heard to be believed. With EarSet 2 Bang & Olufsen went beyond all established standards to give their customers a matchless performance from a Bluetooth headset. The loudspeaker system is designed to high-fidelity standards. Specially designed air vents and a ‘bass port’ ensure true voice reproduction. The microphones are designed to filter out disturbances such as wind or background noise, and with Bang & Olufsen audio technology all the benefits of a cordless headset come together. This is the difference between merely talking on the phone and really having a conversation.

Ergonomics in style

Addicted to your phone? Fortunately, EarSet 2 is comfortable enough for all-day use. It weighs just 22 grams (0.8 oz) and the design draws on the proven ergonomics from EarSet 1.

It works with the Bluetooth-enabled Serene, as well as other Bluetooth phones. The microphone arm controls your EarSet 2. Fold it out, and the EarSet is immediately turned on; fold it in, and EarSet 2 turns off. The practical and protective carrying case also doubles as an elegant charger for EarSet 2.

Real familiar voices

When creating the new Bluetooth headset, Bang & Olufsens' acoustics experts aimed to achieve proper ‘vocal weight’ and tonal characteristics in the voice of the person you are speaking with. This is a traditional weakness of mobile phones and headsets, yet a limitation that Bang & Olufsen was unwilling to accept. The advanced audio processor in the EarSet 2 aims for the truest possible tonal characteristic of the voice of the person you are speaking with. EarSet 2 has a high quality loudspeaker system, where the membrane´s capacity is supported by both air vents and a ‘bass port’, which ensures a good frequency response, in turn providing an extremely high degree of tonal precision.

Your words and nothing else

Attention to background noise is especially important in a mobile headset. Whether you are talking while walking down a busy office corridor or while shopping downtown, you risk having your voice drowned out. EarSet 2 has two microphones, with special filters, to help reduce or cancel wind noise and other extraneous noises that distort both outgoing and incoming signals. To make the conversation appear realistic and natural, Bang & Olufsen engineers even paid attention to the sound during pauses in the conversation. Where these often appear as blank dropouts on other systems, they deliberately preserved parts of the transmission sound!

Earset 2 Bluetooth Headset Product Specifications


Dimensions 50 x 56 x 23 mm, microphone arm 35 mm
Weight 22 g
Finish - aluminium/soft touch painted plastic
Power on/off in microphone arm


Ø72 x 30 mm
Weight 41 g


60 x 37 x 65 mm / 63 g


Microphone: Microphone array (electret microphones)
Loudspeaker: in-ear type (electro dynamic)


Earset 2 Left and EARSET 2 Right


Bluetooth radio system core version 1.2 backward
compatible with BT 1.1. Class 2 device approval
(-6 dBm < P average < +4dBm)


up to 4 hours


50-100 hours depending of audio gateway ( e.g. mobile
phone )


< 3h


up to 10 metres








Phones compliant with Bluetooth version 1.1 or higher


Headset profile 1.1 and Handsfree Profile 1.0

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Modified: 20th February 2007

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