BeoGram TX2 Record Deck

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Manufactured: 1985 - 1991
Designer: Jacob Jensen
Colours: Silver

This tangential record player was a classic example of Bang & Olufsen's attention to detail. It had automatic registration of record size and speed, and seven repeat functions. The turntable was based on Beogram 5005.

There was also the benefit of Bang & Olufsen's patented chassis suspension and special tone arm design, which prevented vibrations from reaching the cartridge during play thus enhancing your pleasure and protecting your records.

The US TX2 had a 110V transformer but had no switching for other electrical voltages. As a comparison, most European models had an inbuilt transformer to allow for switching between other voltages.

Mounting Options

Bang & Olufsen's preferred supplier for brackets and stands, STBbrackets, have made a wall mount solution as a general option for Bang & Olufsen Turntables. Distributed throughout the World by the Bang & Olufsen store network, the STB option adds to the diversity of mounting options and positions available.

»Wall Mounting Bracket

Wall Bracket / Shelf for BeoGram

A universal shelf that will support all Bang & Olufsen turntables from the past 30 years. Including three cable entry points to allow you to bring cables from below the shelf or through the wall.

BeoGram TX2 Record Deck Product Specifications

5911 (1985 - May 1991)
USA 5913 (1985 - Nov 1990)

Wow and flutter, DIN: < 0.06 %
Rumble weighted: > 80 dB
Rumble DIN unweighted: > 55 dB
Speeds: 33 - 45 rpm
Speed deviation: < +/- 0.2 %

Power supply:
5911: 220V
5913: 120V
Power consumption: < 10 W
Dimensions W x H x D: 42 x 7.5 x 32.5cm
Weight: 5.3 kg

Pickup: MMC 1-5

Electronic Servo-Drive
Recommended stylus pressure: 1,2g
Search function - backwards & forwards
Pickup sold as extra (depending on choice from MMC 1 - 5 range)
Link compatibility: Data Link
Most recent S/W 1.2

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