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Manufactured: 1958 - 1971
Designer: Erik Rorbaek Madsen
Colours: Silver

This was to be the first of a long line of B&O cartridges.

The same principle was to be used by all future B&O cartridges and was known as moving iron. A small cross shaped armature was positioned over 4 magnets, each wound with a coil and arranged in push/pull pairs. Movement of the armature caused induced current in the coils and this was then fed to the contacts on the cartridge.

In the SP range of cartridges, the actual stylus was removable but was attached to what appeared to be an outer shell of the cartridge. When this was removed, one could see the 4 magnets on the cartridge and the suspension of the armature. The actual standards for LPs had not been completely set in stone, and these cartridges had a tracking angle of 25 degrees. They were designed to work with the earlier ST arms.

Unlike later cartridges, the SP1 and 2 (the difference being that SP1 cartridges had a half inch mounting bracket for use in non B&O arms) could be specified with a number of different styluses suitable for various roles. There was provision for 78 rpm records which require a larger diameter needle. 12, 17, 25 and 75 micron diamonds could be specified.

SP1/2 Product Specifications

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Frequency Response 30Hz- 20 kHz ± 2.5dB
Output voltage 7 mV at 5 cm/s at 1000Hz
Channel separation 20 dB
Compliance 5 x 10^6 cm/dyne
Tracking force 2g

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Created: 12th January 2007
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