Terminal 5000 Remote Controller

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Manufactured: 1983 - 1986
Designer: Jacob Jensen
Colours: Grey

A small remote for use with the Beosystem 5000, this followed the same design as the earlier one way system remotes and was one way, controlling basic functions. Actually very useful as the MCP 5000 was too heavy to casually carry around!

Terminal 5000 Remote Controller Product Specifications

Terminal 5000 Type 2039 (1983 - 1986)

Dimensions: 6 x 4 x 17cm
Radio programmes: 6 FM or AM
Other programmes: PH-T1
Beocord Controls: 4
Beogram Controls: 1
Compact Disc Controls: Yes
Volume Control: Yes
Muting: Yes

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Created: 12th January 2007
Modified: 15th February 2007

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