Terminal 3000 Remote Controller

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Manufactured: 1984 - 1987
Designer: Jacob Jensen
Colours: Grey

An infra red controller for use with the Beosystem 3000, the Terminal 3000 was a simple one way remote allowing selection of source and volume and a limited amount of control of the sources. This era of controls tended to be specific to one particular device ad were superseded by the Beolink 1000 type remote which provided a common remote for all products.

Terminal 3000 Remote Controller Product Specifications

Terminal 3000 Type 2044 (1984 - 1987)

Dimensions: 6 x 4 x 17cm
Radio programmes: 5 FM
Other programmes: PH-TP (CD)
Beocord Controls: 6
Beogram Controls: 1
Compact Disc Controls: 1 (TP)
Volume Control: Yes

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Created: 12th January 2007
Modified: 15th February 2007

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