Beolink 1000 Remote Controller

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Manufactured: unknown - unknown
Colours: Black/Silver only

David Lewis’ Beolink 1000 from 1985 was the first step towards the intelligent audio-visual equipment that B&O continues to strive for. It was the first remote control on the market which could control both sound and picture. It is kept in a simple and harmonic design which is both timeless and functional.

" When you've got a superb picture and perfect sound, don't you think it's a shame to tie it down to one room? We think so. That's why we've designed sound and pictures you can enjoy all over your house - and operate from your armchair. Say you've got a Bang & Olufsen TV, video and music system in your living room. And you'd like to extend the entertainment to your bedroom. It's easily done, with some simple wiring, a small electronic box of tricks, and an extra TV.

Then you can watch not only TV and video from the equipment in your living room, but also enjoy CD, tape, radio and records. How does the remote control work? Easily, again. The Beolink 1000 remote control unit operates both sound and picture with our latest equipment. So you've got all the TV and audio equipment in the house at your fingertips.

It's no good having one of the wonders of modern technology in your living room unless it's easy to use and enjoy. We believe that truly advanced equipment should make life simpler, not more complicated. That's why we do more than giving you remote control TV and video. And remote control music systems. We give you just ONE remote control for all of them.

It's called Beolink 1000 remote control. All you do is put your feet up. And operate the cassette tape recorder with exactly the same buttons you use for the video tape recorder (just leave it to the equipment to sort it out). And you can do more. For example, if there's a concert on, you can switch the sound from the TV to the loudspeakers in the music system. And courtesy of our latest technology, you can even dim the lights to suit your mood. Simple, but rather clever too " (1988 B&O catalogue)

Beolink 1000 was the first remote control unit in the world designed to provide common access to both hi-fi systems and TV and video units. Programming like a magic wand, Beolink 1000, via its elegant an logical keypad, transmitted your every instruction. It allowed you to move from CD to TV, from radio to video, from record player to cassette recorder. It even allowed you move from TV speakers to hi-fi system stereo speakers to take full advantage of stereo video recorders.


Beolink 1000 offered one-way remote control for audio, video and light control. Battery powered operation (3 x AAA) provided both primary and secondary function buttons. Could be used in any room with X-tra speakers or X-tra TV, providing easy access to all functions in the system. Could be placed conveniently on a wall as a stationary keypad held securely in place by the Beolink 1000 clip and was particularly well-suited to operate Beosystem 3500, Beocenter 8500, Beovisions LX5500 and LX4500 and Beovisions MX5500 and MX3500. The unit measured 40 x 15 x 230mm and weighed 230g.

Beolink 1000 was Bang & Olufsen's entry remote control terminal, released in 1986. Its bigger brothers were the two-way Beolink 5000 and Beolink 7000 terminals. It originally came in a number of guises: released in 1987 was Terminal A, followed by Terminal V and then Terminal AV. Their purpose was to control the audio section of various hi-fis (Terminal A); the video sections (Terminal V) and combined functions (Terminal AV).

Beolink 1000 won the ID Award in 1986.

Beolink 1000 Remote Controller Product Specifications

Infra-red transmission: one way
Dimensions (WxHxL): 40 x 15 x 230mm
Weight 260g
Operation of audio and video
AV operation
Local Control System operation

Light control button: combination
Buttons, primary operation: fixed
Buttons, secondary operation: fixed
Menu operation, video: secondary function

Power supply: batteries 3 x LR03
Options: Clip 1000

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