A4 CD Storage Rack

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Manufactured: 2000 - unknown
Colours: Silver or Black

The wave unit - playful..."some people see waves, others triangles...its only the imagination that sets the limit"

Bang & Olufsen took a solid piece of aluminium, gave it one of nature's simplest shapes and a strong robust finish. The result was as simple as it is functional: a distinct CD storage system that's just as easily placed on a shelf or in a bookcase, as on a desk.

The designer of this CD storage solution must truly have been riding on the crest of a wave of inspiration. Fun, different, yet solidly built, this innovative solution makes CDs easy to find and retrieve. The unit is made from aluminium which is cast using a special extrusion process into wave-shaped lengths and then cut to size. Next the aluminium is anodized to create an extremely robust, smooth and scratch-resistant surface in a process that also allows colour to be introduced.

One benefit of such a smooth surface is the way the CDs glide as you hunt for the one you're after. Thanks to its finish, this CD storage solution is something of a work of art, equally at home on a shelf, table or bookcase. The unit is available in two widths (32 and 7.5 cm), with protective rubber feet and the B&O logo silk-printed on the front wave.

A4 CD Storage Rack Product Specifications

A4 Specifications
Type nos. 1214311, 1214326, 1214411, 1214426

Dimensions W x H x D/Weight:
16 - 24 CD Dimensions WxHxD/Weight: 66 x 320 x 318mm/2,16kg
8 - 12 CD Dimensions WxHxD/Weight: 66 x 75 x 318mm/0,51kg
Finish : Black anodised aluminium, natural anodised aluminium
Finish: aluminium with a natural anodised finish · aluminium with a black anodised finish.

Available in 2 sizes: holding 8 - 12 CDs or holding 16 - 24 CDs

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Created: 9th January 2007
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