A1 CD Storage Cube

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Manufactured: 2000 - unknown
Colours: Clear Lacquer, Cherry, Maple, Black

The A1 Wall Unit - a work of art

Let them stand by themselves, or use the specially developed bracket to hang them up on the wall in a design of your choice. It's the accessible storage system that expands as your CD collection does.

Like the A2 tower storage unit, the wall unit is a work of art. Hang singly or in groups, arranged in the pattern of your choice. Mounting the unit on the wall is child's play, and it is readily adjusted both vertically and horizontally. You can also sit the unit on a shelf or stand it on the floor. In fact, our uncompromising approach to quality means that even the back is attractively finished, so there's nothing to say you have to stand the unit against a wall at all.

Truly blessed with the craftsman's touch, the flagship model is hewn from solid first-class knot-free timber - pale lacquered and oiled maple offset with lacquered and oiled cherry. Drawing on time-honoured joinery techniques, the unit features mortised joints and a solid wood back panel, again in maple and cherry. The other model available is built from MDF with glued joints and back panels in black-lacquered veneer. Both models feature anodised shelves with a black or aluminium pearl finish.

Clear lacquered, oil-treated cherry wood with natural anodised aluminium shelves · maple wood with a white-pigmented lacquer and black coloured aluminium shelves · black lacquered MDF with natural anodised aluminium shelves.

The Unit holds up to 52 CD's.

A1 CD Storage Cube Product Specifications

Type no. 1214001, 1214003, 1215026
Dimensions W x H x D: 415 x 415 x 147mm
Weight 1,96 kg
Finish Black anodised aluminium
Natural anodised aluminium
Cherry wood
Maple wood
Black lacquered MDF (A1B)

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Created: 9th January 2007
Modified: 10th February 2007

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