Beovox S75 Passive Loudspeakers

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Manufactured: 1977 - 1980
Designer: Jacob Jensen
Colours: Rosewood, Teak

The S75 was a four way speaker designed for stand mounting and was a suitable match for any of the receivers offered at the time. It could be regarded as the bigger brother of the fabled S45.2 and replaced the very similar S60 in the speaker range.

The cross over was changed along with a redesign of the cabinet. The result was a speaker with more bass emphasis than the S60 but still with a soaring top end. Criticism could be levelled that the bass was at times slightly overblown, but for rock music, it hit the spot.

The extra size also emphasised the cabinet makers' skill with the rosewood model in particular often showing a wonderful selection of flame veneer.

Although these speakers lack the accuracy of the S45.2, many will find the extra bass an attraction and will choose these in front of their fabled brother.

Beovox Uni-Phase S75

Pressure chamber speaker with linear phase sound reproduction and wide frequency range: 36 - 20000 Hz. Was suitable for placement in a shelving system but also available with aluminium pedestal for those who prefer a free-standing model. Speaker units included a 25cm woofer, a special 12,5cm Phase Link unit, a 5cm mid-range dome and a 2,5 dome tweeter. Volume was 40 litres; weight 11kg.

Beovox S75 Passive Loudspeakers Product Specifications

Beovox S75 Specifications
Type: 6410
Continuous load 75 W
Music load 100 W
4 - 8 ohms
Frequency response +4 -8 dB 36 - 20,000 Hz
Sensitivity 5 W
Gross volume 40 litre
Woofer: 25cm
Phase link unit: 12,5cm
Mid-range unit: 5cm
Dimensions W x H x D: 32 x 59 x 25 cm
Weight 11 kg

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