BeoVision MX 3000

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Manufactured: 1988 - 1990
Designer: David Lewis
Colours: Red, white, black, blue and grey

Beovision MX3000: Star Quality

The prize-winning MX series was a winner in more ways than one. Quite apart from its stunning looks, it was packed with Bang & Olufsen technology to give you breathtaking picture quality. The MX3000 had a 51cm flat-square picture tube, giving you a great view from almost any angle. It wouldn't fade away in strong sunlight either, thanks to the contrast screen which kept the picture bright and clear. And, with automatic colour tuning 50 times per second, the colours were always natural and true to life.

Pure sound

A superb picture needs top-quality sound. You obtained both with the MX series. The special Log Line speaker system gave you extraordinary lifelike sound reproduction from very compact speakers. Your stereo videos gained an extra dimension from the stereo width adjustment, which provided a wider, fuller sound image. And to receive stereo TV broadcasts, all you'll need to do is install a NICAM decoder. There's good news if you're planning a round-the-house TV, video and music system too - the MX3000 could team up easily, and also gave you an extra pair of speakers on demand.

Reach for the stars

Are you planning to receive the myriad of entertainment options which satellite TV will eventually offer? Just add Bang & Olufsen's parabolic 'dish' antenna and the MX3000 is all set. You'll also find the digital search and fine-tuning system invaluable when so many TV stations are competing for your attention. The system was first introduced on the L and LX TVs; working on the same principle as an electronic tune radio, it was a great success.

One remote control, multiple connections

If you add to your Bang & Olufsen TV with a B&O VCR, or broaden your horizons and go for the complete round-the-house system, you'll still need just the one neat remote control. The Beolink 1000 remote control unit talks to tape recorders just as easily as it does to video recorders. You won't be short of connections either - the MX3000 can accommodate a personal computer, video games, headphones and a loop amplifier for the hard of hearing.

BeoVision MX 3000 Product Specifications

AUS, Multi TXT 3143 (1988 - Aug 1990)
E, TXT 3147 (1988 - Mar 1990)
FTZ 3145 (1988 - Apr 1989)
GB, TXT, NICAM 3148 (1988 - May 1990)
I, TXT 3144 (1988 - May 1990)
Multi 3140 (1988 - July 1990)
Multi TXT 3141 (1988 - Aug 1990)
Multi TXT NICAM 3142 (1988 - Aug 1990)
TXT, FTZ 3146 (1988 - Aug 1990)
Picture tube size: 55cm
Visual picture size: 51cm
Picture tube: full square, black matrix; In Line 110 degrees

Operation: Beolink 1000
Audio Aux Link, two-way Datalink
Screen display: Programme No, Frequency, Picture and Sound adjustment

Teletext: 5 languages: S-D-GB-I-F
Teletext memory: 4 complete pages + 4 page numbers for each TV programme, total 128 numbers
Number of TV programmes: 32
Digital tuning system: VHF + S + Hyper + UHF channels, Tuner range 45 - 855 MHz
Satellite programmes Prepared for BeoSat RX, AV Link 21-pin
Sound system:
Stereo decoder: A2 built-in
Bilingual sound: A2 built-in
Stereo enhancement, mono pseudo stereo
NICAM stereo (optional)
Speaker system: stereo 2 Log Line
Speaker units: 2 x 7.5cm
Sound power output: RMS 2 x 15 W / 8 ohms
Sound power output music: 2 x 18 W / 8 ohms

Harmonic distortion: < 0.5 %
Intermodulation: < 1 %
Frequency range: +/- 1.5 dB 20 - 20,000 Hz
Power band width: 20 - 12,500 Hz
Signal-to-noise ratio: > 50 dB
Bass control: + 16 - 6 dB / 60 Hz
Treble control: +/- 10 dB / 10,000 Hz

Power supply: 180 - 260 V / 50 - 60 Hz
Power consumption: 70 (50 - 120) W
Stand by: < 5 W
Dimensions W x H x D: 51 x 55 x 41.5cm
Weight: 23 kg

Connections: AV Link 21-pin
Audio Aux Link 7-pin
Stereo Headphones Jack, separate volume control
External speakers 8 ohms

Link compatibility: Datalink

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