BeoVision MX 1500

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Manufactured: 1988 - 1990
Designer: David Lewis

Beovision MX1500 - oh what a beautiful baby!

Beovision MX1500 was a portable, remote controlled colour TV. It used a newly-developed 39cm flat-square picture tube and the special contrast screen ensured superior picture quality lifelike colours and the sharpest contrast - even in broad daylight. The MX1500 was ideal as a personal TV which could be used anywhere or as a TV set for a family which didn't watch much television. It was great for use as a second set or as a TV which was moved from room to room. You could just take hold of the built-in recessed handle and move the 12,5 kg set around with you. Even the viewing angle could be adjusted to suit your own personal preferences; Beovision 1500 was designed so that it could be tilted when placed low down on the floor for example.

It came in four colours: bright red for the colourful, high-contrast home; elegant white as either a neutral or a highlight; distinguished silver-grey to radiate calm; and black to fit in almost anywhere.

Because of its more modest size, this great little performer didn't have all the features of its big brother, Beovision MX3000.


Flat square picture tube - produced pictures in studio quality

Contrast screen - reduced effects of surrounding light and ensured clear conditions, even in broad daylight

Built-in support offered a perfect angle of viewing when Beovision 1500 was placed low... on the floor, for instance

35 channels for preset stations - the built-in memory guaranteed you favourite channel was always there on demand

Remote controlled channel tuning - one touch of the Beolink 1000 button and you could delegate search and tuning functions to the world of electronics

Full tone mono loudspeakers based on Bang & Olufsen's many years of experience with small, compact loudspeakers. 2 watts sine power output

Optional built-in Teletext decoder (available as a separate option)

Clear and stable picture from PCs and TV games

Ready for cable TV

Front panel display made it easy to adjust sound and picture and clearly indicated which channel had been selected

Emergency operation - if Beolink 1000 had been misplaced, there was an on/off button on the set itself. The same button could be used to programme the channels if the terminal was not at hand

Connections for video and tape recorder, earphones, PC, TV games and decoder

BeoVision MX 1500 Product Specifications

7800 (1988 - May 1990)
EDT 7802 (1988 - May 1990)
ESD 7808 (1988 - Jan 1990)
ETI 7805 (1988 - Jan 1990)
ETS 7801 (1988 - May 1990
GB 7803 (1988 - May 1990)
GTG 7804 (1988 - May 1990)
MS 7806 (1988 - Jan 1990)
TXT, Multi 7807 (1988 - Jan 1990)
CTV system B/G PAL S-tuner + UHF, 7800 7801, 7802, 7805
I PAL 7803, 7804; B/G/L PAL SECAM 7806, 7807
Picture tube size: 39cm; Visual picture size 36cm
Picture tube: flat square, 90 degrees
Features: Beolink 1000 Infrared cordless remote control, contrast screen
Display: Programme number VHF-UHF bands; picture and sound adjustments
Teletext: (optional):
Prepared, 3 languages 7800, 7803, 7806
Teletext, 3 languages S-D-GB 7801, 7804
Teletext, 3 languages D-F-I 7802, 7805, 7807
Number of programmes 35
AV programmes: 35, all automatic
Satellite programmes: BeoSat RX, AV 21-pin connection

Digital tuning system: VHF-S-UHF, prepared for Hyper band
Tuner range: VHF 46 - 300 MHz
UHF: 470 - 855 MHz
Sound system: mono
Speaker system: open baffle
Speaker: 8 x 13cm oval
Sound power output: 2 W RMS
Sound power output music: 2 W
Frequency range: 35 - 18,000 Hz
Signal-to-noise ratio: < 50 dB

Power supply: 220 (240) V
Power consumption: 75 (70 - 100) W
Power consumption: stand-by 8 W
Dimensions W x H x D: 37 x 44 x 37 cm
Weight: 12.5 kg

A/V, audio/video/IN/OUT: 21-pin SCART
Headphones: jack socket at front of screen

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Created: 22nd December 2006
Modified: 3rd September 2007

Author Notes:

The MX1500 stretches the definition of a B&O television is some ways! It was actually a Philips set, made in Italy, and fitted with a small board so that the Beolink 1000 could operate it. It was also unique in the MX range by being mono. It is now extremely popular though!

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